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Focus mk3 Xtrons touch screen install help


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I have an Xtrons touch screen system that I'm trying to install in my 2013 ford focus. It currently has sync 1, with the Sony dab radio.  I can get the Xtrons unit to power up with sound when plugged in to the original radio connector. There is another 54 pin connector, that I think needs to plug in to the sync system, but the only way I can see to connect it, is by removing the sync module connector, and connecting this to the xtrons. I have tried this, but it does not work. No door open messages, no parking sensors messages, no steering wheel controls,  Sync button doesn't work.  I'm not sure where to go from here.  Does it need a harness upgrade to a sync 3 system?




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so by the looks of it, it's using the 54pin apim connector as the harness provided is for sync2/3 not for sync1. it needs a 12pin connector as that's where the signals are for steering wheel controls.
I can see it also wants HS-CAN which is located on the 54pin apim connector and it also wants mm-can which you can get from the 12pin connector.

if you can return it, i would suggest returning it as i have bad experience with xtrons and they're overpriced/underpowered and out of date.
the android stereo i recommend these days is the teyes cc3. if you insist on keeping that android stereo, i can make a harness but the issue is i don't have the 12pin connector in stock and i'm away all of june.


the teyes cc3 provides both harnesses, so you don't need to worry about wiring

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i'll try post picture tonight if youve still got this. I did it last week and every thing has a space to plug in.the only bugbear is removing the sync cable from the bottom of the module to use the plug in the arm rest.

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