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2019 fiesta st-3 keyless entry problem

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I’ve had my new car for a few days, a 2019 fiesta st-3, today I tried using the keyless entry properly, locked the car and went to pay for parking, came back and attempted to unlock it with my hand behind the handle, it put the mirrors out and flashed as if it had unlocked but it wouldn’t open so I tried it with the key, again flashed but none of the doors would open, tried holding the unlock button, waiting a bit and trying again but no, the key would unlock the boot with the boot button but not the doors at all, got it open eventually by getting the actual key out the fob and sticking that in and then it was fine later on when I came back and unlocked electronically with the key. Any ideas? Have since tried locking and unlocking with the handle and it’s worked fine so no idea if this is a potential intermittent fault or if I maybe pressed both sensors at the same time/security feature? Can’t find anything in the manual or online about this happening, concerned me with getting locked out the car.

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