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Rear zetec bumper diffuser


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Been driving around like a ***** because my rear bumper fell off the car while driving, don’t know when or how it just vanished. Now im trying to find an affordable replacement, anyone know where I could find it? Looked everywhere. Most spots dont even ship to UK


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Probably got broken when the tailgate was caved in. :unsure:

Double yellows & loading lines is an interesting parking choice as well.

As Stephen says, there are plenty of used bumpers online and at breakers yards.  Hopefully you can get a tailgate from the same car...

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1 hour ago, TomsFocus said:

Double yellows & loading lines is an interesting parking choice as well.


The good news as far as the OP is concerned the Yellow lines don't legally exist and are therefore unenforceable. Something that both Durham and Sunderland councils found much to their cost about 15 years ago when they had to refund hundreds of fixed penalty notices after the courts ruled that if the lines are incomplete because of incorrect marking then as far as the law is concerned the lines are not there. A habit that many council road marking crews get in to is using the machine to do the long lines but don't always bother to go back and put the cross bar at the end which is legally required.

You'll see the section the OP is on does not have the cross bar at the end, but if you look very carefully you can just about make out on the next section of lines the cross bar appears to be there.



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