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Recon Turbo gone in 10 miles..!!


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Hello all - new member alert..!!

Long time home mechanic with many older Fords (and other cars/vans) under my belt - Escort Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Capri mk1, Mk3, Fiesta Mk1, Sierras etc.....

Had a Focus Econetic for a few years  and it's a high mileage 200k, but been reliable as hell. Recently, the turbo ditched it's bearings, oiled up the DPF and I've replaced both of them.

The turbo was a refurbished part from Manchester Turbos and was installed by a superb mechanic. I picked the car up, took it home (3 miles), parked up. Set off on an 8 miles journey the day after and limp mode dropped in half way back. Took it to the garage a couple of days later (it was weekend) and he showed me that the turbo bearings were shot (loose spindle)...

The turbo was definitely getting oil (albeit the oil in the car was changed 3,000 miles before), as there was oil in there and the vane edges were damaged. Stripped it off and took it back to the company. They claim it was starved of oil (even though there was oil clearly in the housing) and wore the bearings, hence the failure.

Now, had the car been driven for a few thousand miles or even a few hundred, I'd have given them a "possible", but around ten miles....?!?

Anyone any comments, ideas or feelings regarding it..

Cheers and look forward to being a member on here.

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Standard problem with the 16v DV6 engine.  The turbo feed pipe clogs with carbon deposits.  Can easily blow a new turbo in under 10 miles.  This problem has been known about for over a decade, so there is a full procedure for replacing the turbo on these, including replacing the oil feed line and cleaning out the sump & oil pump etc.  

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I managed to wreck a turbo after around 10mile too. That was back in the day before ford and dealership's knew about the clogging up issues. Or rather ford knew about it but hadn't communicated this issue. 

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The failure starts at the injector clamp bolts. Ford under specced them to 6mm, and only Volvo has a clamp bolt check on the service list. The injector clamp works loose and the seal breaks - allowing exhaust carbon past and into the oil way. The tell tale is the carbon build up at the bottom of the injector. oil way clogs down to the awful sump and the entire entire oil flow is reduced - the turbo blowing is the end result.


Needs to sump off, pan scrapped and oil pick up replaced as well.

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