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Sync 2 Sat-Nav SD card errors.


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I am hoping someone can help/advise.

I have purchased the latest F11 SD Card for my Ford Focus Titanium MK3.5, fitted with the Sync 2 system, and I have found several errors with this card, particularly when trying to find a destination using it's Postcode. What generally happens with the ones where there is an error is the Postcode can be entered on the screens display until you get to the last letter, then the letter required is not shown in the options (for instance CW5 7QB were "B" is missing from the list of displayed options).

I have found another and also speed limit indications.

These errors I have found in just two journeys which makes suspect there may well be others.

I have tried reporting these errors to both Ford Customer Care Relations and three local Ford dealers, none seem able or willing to help, indeed customer Relations keep putting obstacles in the way.

All I am trying to do is report these errors to Ford or whoever it is that produces these Sync 2 Sat-Nav SD cards for them to check and if necessary correct at the next update.

I have in the past reported  errors I had with a different Sat-Nav Producers program, and they were very grateful and even encourage users to report possible errors.

Ford just do not seem interested.

If anyone has had similar experience with this Sync 2 Sat-Nav system or can suggest who to contact I would be grateful 

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9 hours ago, TECHY7 said:

Ford just do not seem interested.

Yes, that is correct. 🙄

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