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Vivid Ruby

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Hi guys 

I ordered a st line Puma in February and in May Ford dropped their interest rate from 2% to O%,  as my car was still in Europe I went back to the dealership and asked them if I could get an up specked car for same money, as I fancied the top of the range? Vivid Ruby edition, and low and behold the computer said yes, for an extra £10 a month, they said it would be next year but got phone call last week saying it’ll be here in September as everything is moving quicker now, but won’t hold my breath, I’ve not seen any on the road yet but I’ll keep looking, has anyone on this forum got one ? 
and could they send as pic or just some info on how good it actually is, mines a auto 155,

thanks in advance.

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Over 200 views and no response, obviously no ones  got this model, never mind maybe it’ll become a classic in years to come.

thanks again for reading the post.

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We have the 125 non hybrid version with the upgraded headlamps. Only a few built like this. Very pleased, my wife loves it, I tend to find the 125 needs to be revved more, probably due to the lack of the hybrid drive assistance. Good on petrol, need to source a spare wheel.

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Hi and thanks for the reply, I didn’t know you could get a non hybrid model, I got the 155 as I’ve got a 125 Focus and your right it can feel slightly under powered under certain circumstances, thanks again for your reply I’ll send some pics when it arrives.

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