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Drain Plugs in door FIESTA MK5 WELL 05

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Hi all

My mrs has a 1.25 (must add the 5 lol it adds about as much power as lifting a beer to your mouth)

anyways she has water in the drivers door and has had for ages when it rains well this is eventualy going to get worse as its covered under warrenty till october i told her ring ford and they quoted

"There is drain holes in the door and the owner of the vehicle must make sure these are clear o stop excess water from building up"

well i have just had a quick scout on the car and i cant find any other than 2 plastci screws at the bottom of door card which look like the drain holes but why would ford make it this hard for people to do thereselve or would it be done when its serviced i imagine it would have been

anyways can anyone shed any light on this

Matt :D

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this is a known problem. It would appear that Ford forgot to put the front drain holes in the front of all doors. On later models they have drilled a hole where the drain should be. You should ring Ford C/S on 0845 8411111 and complain. Your dealer should also raise a Technical Fault log and Ford may authorize him to drill the holes. dont let customer services fob you of because its a manufacturing !Removed! up.

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