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Mk5 Escort 2L zetec swap help


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So here I am with a 1.4 mk5 Escort thinking about all the things I could do to it to make it a little silly… 

and I have decided I do eventually want to 2L zetec swap this car and maybe later on turbo it. 

but I have minimal knowledge and through hours of searches I have found plenty of info but a lot has been for other models or fords and I know there’s a possibility that certain parts could be the exact info I need but honestly I do not know enough right now about Fords to know if the info I have found on say a fiesta or a mk3 or whatever is the same as for my mk5 

so here I am asking for the full info on what parts I would need to do this zetec swap 

I know that the engine mounts are not the same, I know the ECU will not exactly work without some work around or a custom programmed ECU, I know sensors are gonna be different, I know I’ll need to mess around with the fact my engines on carbs and the zetec is not (maybe there is a carb zetec but idk) I know my current gearbox won’t exactly work without grinding some locates pins (I think) 

but regardless of what I think I know which is possibly very wrong I would love someone to share the full step by step process of doing this along with what parts I should be looking at 

I know ppl have done this and spoke about it but I can’t for the life of me find a detailed description for my specific car 


Thankyou in advance 

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