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Have I ruined engine? Overheating


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I have a 2014 1.25 fiesta and I was parked up on Saturday with the air con on whilst idling for about 20 mins. 
I happened to look down at the dash and noticed that the temp gauge was maxed out and there was a temp warning light on the dash. I turned the engine off straight away and opened the bonnet. The coolant wasn’t overflowing/steaming but it was on the max line. 

The AA came out and said the fan has stopped working which was why it overheated. He said it’s unlikely that any damage was caused as the coolant didn’t overflow. 

I’m worried that there will be issues further down the line now as I have no idea how long I was sat with the car on when it was at that temperature.. 

Does anyone know if the 2014 1.25 is a cast iron engine head or aluminium ? And any advice generally ?



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