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Help wanted for service parts numbers.


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I'm trying to gather some part numbers for my upcoming 18000/ 2year service.

My car is Puma 1.0 ecoboost 155bhp Mhev 

M.Y. September 2021

Are these numbers I've found correct?

A. oil filter - 2207993

B. Pollen filter - 2092437

C. Sump plug - ???????

D. oil 5W20 -  Ford Castrol magnatec 15D63E

Going to have my local independent garage to do the service @£70 plus vat if I supply the Genuine ford parts.

Thanks in advance, Chris.


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My first service is due soon and I will use a Ford dealership. The car is under warranty so I want to play safe. There may be some software updates and while I have nothing against independent garages I don't think they can update software modules. 

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Ford don't update software unless you complain of a problem with a function that software update would fix.

They don't even plug in and read if there are any DTCs

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Correct, Ford dealers are not keen to do diagnostic checks and some charge extra to do so.  However if a module needed an update due to a safety concern they are obliged to sort it. I've always found Ford CRC to be very helpful in these instances.

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Ford's want £278 for a first service 😲 I'd rather buy the parts myself and save myself £150 in doing so. As long as they are genuine Ford parts which they are and I use a VAT registered garage, then my one years remaining warrant remains intact.

oil £33.  Filter £9.30.  Cabin filter £19.60. oil drain plug £3.68.

£55 ish for the parts so WTF are Ford charging £223 for, as long as I've got an hole in my a**e I'm not paying that.


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Labour costs are higher for main dealerships as they do genuinely have higher overheads to cover.  Large premises, desirable locations, manufacturer specific tech training, comfortable & well presented customer waiting area etc.

This service also includes removing all 4 wheels to check the condition of the brakes.  Which doesn't sound like much, but probably adds about half an hour on top of the basic service.

Most Ford dealers also include a year of breakdown cover, which is classed as 'free' but nothing is ever free, so that's probably around £40 or so.

They also have to cover warranty repairs for 3 years...that's not 'free' either, it comes out of other customers payments...  Servicing becomes a bit cheaper once out of warranty, despite the same parts and processes being used.

(Not to mention, in Fords case, they're also having to recoup all the costs spent on goodwill gestures replacing blown 1.0 EcoBoost engines. 🤭 )

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