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Ford Ka 2009 1.2 Petrol - Coolant Temp Sensor location


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Not visible on that picture.  It's in the thermostat housing right above the gearbox.  (Below the red-clip multiplugs, between engine and battery).

You'll see the thick rubber coolant hose on the thermostat housing.  The temp sensor is directly behind that, and the only part with an electrical plug in that area.

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Thanks Tom.

Sounds like it is in a tricky place to access.

Think that it is the issue with my daughters car.

when starting it a week ago, it was difficult to start, it cranked over and then on the third time it started but wasnt running properly (i guess lumpy to describe) and then after about 10 seconds or so it resolved itself and we went on a practice drive for 20 miles no problem (she is a learner!!)

anyway yesterday we were going out again and very similar .. cranks over but just will not start, unfortunatley it wont start at all this time.

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Also on previous drives - not that long a distance perhaps 15 miles in not that hot weather ( and certainly not racing) I have noticed the fan has always been running when switching off the engine. ..just for 20 seconds or so then stops.


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I assume the coolant level is ok?

Temp sensor won't usually prevent the engine starting but you can try unplugging it to rule that out.  (The fan should run as a failsafe).

Appreciate this isn't the best picture but shows the sensor in relation to the red clip plugs that are easily visible on your initial picture.



Edit - Another pic here


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Thanks for the pictures that very clear.

From your reply I may have purchased an unnecessary sensor never mind it was not expensive!!

Another thing that happened a month ago when I had take the daughter out for some practice... it was quite mild day without a lot of air.  We were in a car park doing quite a few reverse bay parks so not having a lot of fresh air running into the engine compartment.. the coolant temperature warning light came on.  We switched the car off for a minute or so, the light went off and we drove home without any other warnings.

I checked the coolant level after that trip once the engine had cooled and it was between the min and max lines....I will check it again later.

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