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I'm a new member to site and would like to say hello to all. I have read quite a few posts in relation to boot release problems. But I have not found one like I have on my Focus. Apopolgies if I have not looked hard enough and someone has posted a problem like I am having. I have a 05 Focus 1.6. The boot release used to work on opening and closing the door central locking button on the key fob. However now it does not. I have to use the specific boot release button on the key fob. A minor technicl fault compared to some, I appreciate. However can be anoying at times. I've had the car to Ford, they say it is most likley the micro switch. As all you good people have already stated for varying similar problems of this nature. Could it be that any water attacking the switch will make it fail and produce different types of failure results.Mine being one of these. What are your thoughs?? Thanks to all in anticipation. <_<

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