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Ford Mondeo MK2 Central Locking Problem

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Recently noticed a little problem with my car, a MK2 Mondeo. It is not a problem that big I want to spend mega bucks but I'm sure it'll only be a little problem... My alarm and double locking work perfectly, and apart from the problem detailed below, central locking is also fine.

My nearside rear door does NOT get unlocked or locked on the central locking. The door can be put in the "unlocked" position from the inside, and in this position the door can be unlocked regardless of the other doors being unlocked or locked (Eg, central locking does not change its state). Setting the door to the "locked" position from the inside means that the door can not be unlocked regardless of the other doors being unlocked or locked.

I believe the mechanics should be okay ( ? ) what with the door working if I operate it from inside, and I know that the basics of the central locking (Fuse, etc) are okay what with every other door working.

Can anybody suggest what the problem may be? How I'd go about testing the problem, and fixing it? As well as any projected costs? If the consensus is a cheap fix, but pretty difficult (Put it this way, I struggle to get into the passenger footwell fuse box so any fix may be overly challenging for me!!) I may consider sending it into a garage... But don't want to do that only to find a heafty bill!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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check all of the wireing around the door pillar for any brakes or damage, if this looks ok it could be the door lock motor thats knackard the following migh help


you could also check the connecting rods as i have the same problem with my mk2 tdi est and thats what i was recomended to do also when you disconnect the rods lock and unlock the door when it is open so you can see if the central locking unit is working properly if not try spraying some wd40 around the bit that moves up and down (lock/unlock positions)

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