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Bought A Used Fiesta Mk7 And Have Some Questions?

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Hello again, second topic post here.

I've recently bought a used Fiesta 1.2 Zetec MK7, and I would like to ask a few questions about my car.

First of all what have I actually got in terms of extra's?... I glanced through a fiesta catalogue before buying and some things didnt add up.

I have the sports body kit on the car

I have the 17" ford alloys

I have bluetooth

I have USB

I think their the extra's but I was sure that the wheels werent available for the zetec and neither was bluetooth.

Do I have a dody car?

It was a Cat D write off but damage was minor - I have the repairs report.

Also I'm getting about 40mpg, with about 50% motorway usage... it can be about 43mpg

If no motorway usage then im looking at about 37mpg and a full tank costing £45 is lasting about 300 miles

I was expecting more!!!

My exhaust also sounds a little 'gruff' but its had a service and mot, are the exhausts meant to sound a little rough?

No damage to the exhaust in the report and the car had only done 6.5k miles when purchased it.

Apologies for the long post here... maybe I should have split it in to different topics but oh well... yes another newbie to the forum asking Q after Q.

Any replies greatly appreciated! Thankyou!

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I have the 1.6 Zetec S and you have just described it. Are you sure yours is a 1.2 Zetec. The gruff exhaust note is a characteristic of the 1.6 Zetec S and I get 40-42 mpg. Although I see in your other post that you have chrome detailing so not sure.I have bluetooth as an extra and no usb,this was an extra again. Check the cars details on the FordEtis website.


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USB comes as part of bluetooth and that's an extra available on all cars. As for the alloys and body kit - if they aren't available as extras on a new build, they're certainly available to buy as accessories so there's no reason to be concerned about that.

MPG all comes down to driving style but if 50% of your work is motorway then perhaps the 1.2 isn't the wisest choice of engine for economy. I think it's the 82bhp version on the zetec so it'll be working pretty hard. I haven't driven that engine myself but the avg mpg on that car is only 49mpg so on paper at least, 40mpg with 50% motorway driving doesn't seem unreasonable.

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17" wheels on a 1.25 engine? :unsure: that must slow it down a bit..

As others have said, the bodykit is not a factory fit option, but can be added after the car's been built for about £1,500

The poor MPG you report could be down to the engine. It will be reving very high at 70 on the motorway. I've just changed from a 1.4 to the 1.6 petrol engine, and i'm getting better MPG than what i did in the 1.4. The 1.4 would do at best 34 MPG around town, my new 1.6 does 41MPG.

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Thanks for the replies so far guys, very much appreciated!

@ Chase - If it wasnt for the chrome detailing under the windows then I'd be inclined to think similarly to yourself.

The engine is no-way a 1.6 sports though, i had the mk6 zetec s when it was brand new and that kicked much more than what i have now.

The VIN number, engine number and chasis number all checked out tho

There's also a 1.245 etched in to the engine (or whatever the engine size is in cc's)

FordEtis requires you to be a business and costs £50 to register... or am i missing something?

@ Sparticus5 - I suppose your right, ofcourse the kit and wheels could have been added afterwards - the low milege led me to believe it was factory fitted.

@ Mark MK Your both right about the economoy too, I have little experience with cars and assumed the smaller the engine the better the fuel efficiency

I now know to be looking at 1.6's as a minimum if i want good motorway efficiency.

From memory the cars reving about 3 - 3.5 revs at 70mph

I was surprised at the responsiveness at these speeds tho, if i put my foot down it will pick up nicely and settle in to a comfort zone around 80mph.

hmmm - if i took it in to a ford dealership would they check it over for me?

if they found anything that didnt add up could i get my vehicle seized?

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Thanks Chase

Results seem ok... would modifications such as the body kit and the wheels show on this check though, even if they were factory fitted.

Primary Features

Build Date: 05.06.2009

Vehicle Line: Fiesta 2008-

Body Style: 3 Door Saloon

Version: Series 50

Engine: 1.25L Duratec DOHC EFI(80PS)

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5

Drive: RHD FWD

Axle Ratio: 4.25

Emission: Stage IV Emissions

Air Conditioning: Manual Air Conditioning

Territory: (+)"GB"

Paint: Panther Black (Metallic)

Interior Fabric: B1 -B-C -DOTTS/TRUDIE NEW 4

In the minor features section its still showing 15" alloys however the usb and bluetooth are showing:

# 6J x 15 #1 Alloy Wheel

# 195/50HR x 15 Tyres

# With A/V Jack And USB

# BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect

I'm guessing I have no cause for concern... still unsure about my gruff sounding exhaust... wish i had a bit more power too, oh well.

Oh yeah and another thing is my air con, its pants! in hot weather it barely runs warm let alone cool... i'll search the forum for info on that.

Thanks guys.

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Well ETIS confirms the wheels were added as an accessory rather than optional extra so chances are the body kit was an added as an accessory.

You say the car was a CAT D write off and the exhaust note is rough. Hmmm, anyone else thinking along the lines of teenager with more money than sense; recently past driving test; bought car based on cheaper insurance, made it look like the sporty version and drove their 1.25L as if it were a 2.5L Focus RS?

Sorry Oniiko, I may well be wrong with that assumption but it doesn't sound like the previous owner was a careful elderly driver. I'd have that exhaust checked, not just because it may be in need of repair, but there's a strong possibility the previous owner has altered that as well to make the car as 'sporty' as possible. And if that's correct then it'd be seen as a modification and defo something you'd have to declare to your insurer. (You should also declare those 17" alloys + bodykit as they were accessories, not optional extras). Sorry to be so negative.

Any positives? Well if you're sitting at 70mph, and can get to 80mph without much problem with a 1.25L petrol engine, believe me, that average of 37mpg is pretty damn good!

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Thanks Sparticus... or not so much thanks, just kidding!

I thought EXACTLY the same thing... it's alot of extra's to add to a little 1.25, and with the noted extras im guessing the driver wasnt too careful driving it.

The wheels are scratched/chipped a fair amount too.

Like you say there's a very high probability that this car has been driven aggressively for its first 6,500 miles

I will get the exhaust checked out, sorry to verify it again but are you sure that if the body kit was factory fitted it would show up on the ETIS check?

... and am i right in assuming from your reply that if ANYTHING was added after the factory issued the vehicle then i MUST declare it?

... I really want to get this right and amend my insurance if necessary!

Here is the rest of the ETIS... Apologies as its long.

Minor Features

* Niehl Plant Built

* Security Lock Group #8

* Zetec SIP

* Power Front Windows One Touch Up/Do

* With Fixed Rear Side Window

* With Tinted Glass All Round

* With Heated Windscreen

* Interior Environment Colour-Syracus

* Interior Feature Colour - Fairland

* With Rear Spoiler

* Dual Power Htd Signal Mirrors

* With Body Coloured Exterior Mirror

* With Driver 4 Way Mnl.Seat Adjuster

* With Door Dead Locks

* With Door Entry Remote Control Unit

* V/Intermittent With Anti-Drip Wipe

* Front Bumper - Chrome Insert

* Rear Bumper-Body Colour/Lwr Accent

* Inflatable Knee Bolsters - Driver

* With Driver Air Bag

* With Passenger Air Bag

* Drivers Seat Air Bag - Head/Thorax

* Passenger Seat Air Bag Head-Thorax

* 6J x 15 #1 Alloy Wheel

* 195/50HR x 15 Tyres

* With Standard Tyre Tread - Front

* With Standard Tyre Tread - Rear

* Locking Wheel Nuts

* Components Unique For Alloy Wheels

* MK70 - 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes

* Gear 3.58/1.93/1.28/0.95/0.76

* With Recirculating Heater

* Standard Foot Pedal Pad Design

* Leather Steering Wheel

* With Trip Computer

* Outside Temp Thermometer

* Matrix Multi Function Display

* Standard Duty battery

* With A/V Jack And USB

* BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect

* ICE-Mid Level CD+AM/FM Radio

* Ice Feature Pack 4

* Highline ICE ICP

* 4 Speakers Front / 2 Speakers Rear

* Voice Activated Module - British

* With Steering Wheel Radio Controls

* With Front Fog Lamps

* Header Mounted Courtesy/Maplights

* With Courtesy Light Delay

The vehicles an 09 reg, i got it for 7.5k, repairs report states rear wing has been completely replaced with rear light etc, air bag didnt go off, no other damage.

My biggest concern was the damage, I now realise that the way in which the car has been driven may also be an issue.

... and yeah at least my mpg sounds about right then, it's been up to 45mpg, averaged at 43mpg then reset it after refuelling and its on 37mpg.

was still hoping for 400 miles for the full tank but im getting about 300-350.

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Oh yeah and another thing is my air con, its pants! in hot weather it barely runs warm let alone cool... i'll search the forum for info on that.

using the air con on a 1.2 isn’t going to help the mpg either, which makes the mpg sound pretty good :-)

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@cyb - Thanks :)

Still have to get it checked out tho, only bit of info I've found was someone saying they had their air-con re-gassed which solved a similar problem, think it was in a mk6.

I hope all this checking isnt going to cost alot... do Ford offer a full check-up type service that would give me all the answers I need?

Any idea how much it costs anyone?

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boy racer previous driver, MPG lower than it should be, raspy exhaust, sounds like he may of de-cat'd the exhaust :/

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boy racer previous driver, MPG lower than it should be, raspy exhaust, sounds like he may of de-cat'd the exhaust :/

That's a very good point.

Oniiko, based on what you've said, if you'd asked before buying this car if it was a good idea or not I'd have advised to leave well clear for the following reasons:

1)(I'm using really rough approximations here). A 2009 '09 Zetec with say 6000 miles on the clock - you'd be looking at a trade figure of approx £6800 today. Not sure when the accident happened but if it was say 6 months ago, trade would have been approx £7500. An insurer will write-off car approx 70% of value therefore we're looking at approx £5000 worth of damage. In my mind, it sounds a hell of a lot more has gone on if all that's noted is a light cluster and rear wing has been replaced. And when you take in to account the airbags didn't go off / weren't replaced, the mind boggles at how they managed to find £5000 in repair costs. Makes me think did the chassis require attention?

2) To take a random example:


That's up for £8500 at a main Ford dealer (you'd easily be able to knock them down some). Now if your car was registered cat-d, then the £7500 you paid appears to be very expensive. I assume your car was purchased out with the Ford dealer network.

I'm not exactly being much help eh? Regarding the ETIS info, if the body kit had been a factory option you would have had:

With Large Single Wing Rear Spoiler

Plastic Front Bumper -Sport

Rear Bumper - Plastic Sport

and for those 17" wheels:

17" X 7 Alloy Wheel - Silver

205/40 R17 84W Tyre

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Thanks for your feedback, its appreciated! I too shared your view point with the whole cat-d issue.

I purchased the car from a bodyshop owner who has a contract with Ford to do their insurance repairs.

What he told me (i am aware this could have been a lie)...

He said that every now and again he gets these cheap fiesta's from the Ford garage he has a contract with. He said the history of the car is something along the lines of they were sold to people and the people took out "a type of insurance" that allows the purchasers to return the car to the garage if they have an accident within the first year and take home a new one.

I'm assuming this is some sort of gap insurance... im uneducated so please anyone feel free to enlighten me.

The guy didnt seem to know alot either, he said he gets them dirt cheap, does the repairs and makes his money - he didnt seem dodgy (i know that means nothing)

He then procedes to say that in order for Ford to receive the car and issue a new one the car must be categorised... or so he thinks cos his repairs rarely exceed £1.5k if were to be priced.

(ive read similar things on the net - but again who knows)

I confirmed that there was no chasis damage, however this too could have also been a lie.

He had another 2 fiesta's in which had no work done to them yet, one had front bumper wrecked and slight bonnect damage ONLY, very minor and yet was also registered at cat-d.

SO... is there anyway for me diagnose work that has been done to this vehicle? if so where do i go and how much will it cost?

The fiesta was the cheapest 1yr old less than 10k miles mk7 on autotrader... any edition! So with the body kit and wheels i thought it was a bargain! - your link doesnt take me to a direct car.

Thankyou for info on the ETIS, im swapping my insurance company friday so will let the new company know - hope it doesnt cost stupid amounts more!

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