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* Fast Fiesta tasters – new, faster Fiestas including Fiesta ST production model, Fiesta RS Concept and all-new Fiesta Zetec S.

* Diesel delights – sporty diesels to get excited about including: new Mondeo ST 155PS 2.2-litre TDCi, Fiesta Zetec S 90PS 1.6-litre TDCi and Euro Stage IV Ford Duratorq range.

* GT surprise – first chance for British public to get up close to the stunning Ford GT, prior to first UK customer deliveries in 2005.

* ‘Dura’ flavour – a host of new Ford ‘Dura’ powertrain technologies, including: Focus C-MAX 1.6-litre TDCi with Durashift CVT, Focus C-MAX 145PS 2.0-litre Duratec, Mondeo 204PS 3.0-litre Duratec V6, Fiesta and Fusion 100PS 1.6-litre Duratec with Durashift automatic.

* Largest ever European Ford motor show stand.

BRENTWOOD, 11 May 2004: Britain’s favourite vehicle brand, Ford, is set to wow visitors to 2004 Sunday Times Motor Show Live with its largest ever stand and an unprecedented number of exciting new products and technologies.

A feast of new Fords will be presented on the 7,400 square metre spectacle, from fast Fiestas and sports diesels, to the stunning Ford GT. Highlights include:

* Fiesta ST

* – available at the end of 2004 and a new chapter in Ford’s ‘Sport Technologies’ story. The dynamic, 150PS 2.0-litre Fiesta ST promises a perfect blend of accessible performance and driving dynamics for rewarding, everyday fun. Fiesta RS Concept

* – a vision of an even faster Fiesta, making its British debut alongside its production car ‘ST’ brother. The dramatic styling hints at the performance potential of small Fords and the RS Concept is on show to gauge public reaction before a decision is made on its production. Fiesta Zetec S TDCi

* – the third of the fast Fiesta trio, available from December 2004 as 1.6-litre 100PS petrol or – for the first time –1.6-litre 90PS TDCi, heralding a new era for sporty Fiestas. Mondeo ST 155PS 2.2-litre TDCi

* – another performance diesel first and a significant boost to both Mondeo’s and TDCi’s sporting credentials. The flagship 155PS diesel’s pulse-racing performance is best indicated by its impressive 400Nm peak torque, which makes it the most potent Ford TDCi yet. Ford GT

– a performance car icon reborn for the 21st century. The all-new Ford GT supercar is on UK public display for the first time, before the first deliveries to British customers begin in 2005. In total, 101 of the ultra-exclusive, left-hand-drive Ford GTs will be officially imported into Europe from next year.

All these new models are presented in a showcase emphasising Ford’s retail thinking. Ford extensively researched its stand layout; studying footfall and movement across a variety of stand designs and floor plans, grouping of different car models and creating ‘hotspots’ for visitor interest. The company also enlisted the expertise of The Imagination Group in planning its retail experience.

"We drew on our experience working with people at the leading edge of purest retail – Nike, Selfridges, Topshop, Coca-Cola, Samsung", explained Deborah Germaine of Imagination. "Today’s consumers are very sophisticated. They’re buying into a brand, an image, a lifestyle, and retailers have to provide an experience that encourages customers to buy into their offer; in the case of Ford the freedom of mobility.

"Motor show stands provide a temporary, highly focused retail experience which aims to leave visitors wanting more, with the ultimate goal of a sale. They need to communicate a brand’s values and products and engage visitors sufficiently to stimulate them to test drive vehicles and ultimately purchase products" she concluded.

Said Ford of Britain’s managing director, Paul Thomas: "As Britain’s favourite vehicle brand, Ford views the British International Motor Show with great importance and this year our presence is bigger than ever, with more new cars on show than ever. Motor shows are our biggest showroom, the chance to remind customers of everything we can offer and I believe the Ford range today truly offers something for everyone."

In Detail:

* Fiesta Zetec S, Fiesta ST and Fiesta RS Concept

* Mondeo ST 155PS 2.2-litre TDCi and 204PS 3.0-litre Duratec V6

* New ‘Dura’ Powertrain Technologies

* Cleaner Powertrain Technologies with Euro Stage IV

* Fiesta Zetec S, Fiesta ST and Fiesta RS Concept

At the 2002 British International Motor Show, Ford revealed its Fiesta RallyeConcept, the first step in developing sporting Fiestas for the road. Ford returns to this year’s show with three examples of that work, ranging from accessible warm hatch to a concept of a no-compromise performance car.

With the formation of Ford TeamRS in March 2003 under the direction of Jost Capito, development work accelerated, bringing together Ford’s motorsport experts and performance road car specialists.

The all-new Ford Fiesta Zetec S has been created with British customers in mind, reflecting the enthusiasm for sporty small Fords in the UK, and is set to build on the success of the previous generation Fiesta Zetec S.

The formula is familiar – an accessible, sporty, stylish Fiesta that’s great to look at, fun to drive and economical to own. Fiesta Zetec S employs a unique sports suspension set-up and many of the styling cues of the Fiesta ST – 16-inch alloy wheels and rear spoiler – but will be significantly different to previous models in one area – it will be the first Fiesta Zetec S offered as a diesel, specifically the new 1.6-litre TDCi.

With 90PS and 200Nm of torque on offer, the diesel powered Fiesta Zetec S promises all the lively performance and fun to drive character of previous models, with even better economy.

Fiesta Zetec S will be available from December 2004, as a 1.6-litre TDCi, or with Fiesta’s existing 100PS 1.6-litre petrol engine. The new Stage III TDCi engine will also be available from December 2004 across selected other Fiesta and Fusion models. Further technical details will be available closer to launch.

The new Ford Fiesta ST, due for launch at the end of 2004, will offer the next step in the Fiesta performance ladder and maintains the Ford 'Sport Technologies' philosophy: an affordable blend of performance, outstanding chassis dynamics and bold sports styling.

The spirited new Fiesta ST features a responsive, 150PS 2.0-litre Duratec ST engine and performance chassis tuning, designed to give small-car driving enthusiasts something to smile about. It indicates clearly its sporting intent with unique interior, bold 17-inch, multi-spoke alloy wheels, reprofiled front bumper with mesh grille, side skirts and purposeful rear spoiler.

Target performance figures for the new Fiesta ST are 8.0 seconds 0-60mph and a top speed of 130mph.

"The new Fiesta Zetec S and Fiesta ST mean Ford is back in the heartland of performance small cars, with a progressive range of fun-to-drive models that are accessible for driving enthusiasts to own and insure," Thomas said.

Making its British debut alongside these models is Ford’s idea of the ultimate fast Fiesta, the dramatic Fiesta RS Concept. Shown to gauge public reaction, the concept is inspired by the original Fiesta RallyeConcept and Fiesta Junior World Rally Car and is Ford Team RS’ vision of the top of the Fiesta performance ladder, a logical progression from Fiesta ST and a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Focus RS.

The Fiesta RS Concept was created in collaboration with German engineering specialists Bertrandt AG and indicates its performance promise through 18-inch alloy wheels, wider track, extended wheel arches, deep front air splitter and rear spoiler. Under the bonnet is the Duratec 2.0-litre engine shared with the Fiesta ST, but tuned to a power output in excess of 180PS. If approved, Fiesta RS Concept could be a production reality within two years.

* Ford Mondeo ST 155PS 2.2-litre TDCi and 204PS 3.0-litre Duratec V6

Ford will introduce another UK-exclusive 'Sport Technologies' model at Birmingham – the Mondeo ST 155PS TDCi. The new top-of-the-range, TDCi is the ideal car for those looking for a finely honed driving machine that delivers real driving pleasure.

Based on the existing Mondeo 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi, the 155PS TDCi is the most powerful diesel from Ford yet. With an impressive 400Nm torque on tap from just 1,800rpm, this premium diesel is expected to power Mondeo from 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds and on to a top speed on 137 mph.

In keeping with the TDCi tradition, this performance is not at the expense of economy, with the new engine returning fuel economy of 34.5mpg (urban), 57.7mpg (extra urban) and 46.3mpg (combined), plus a low CO2 rating of 151 g/km. Such figures make a very attractive package, especially in lower taxation for company car drivers.

Mondeo’s renowned chassis capabilities with added sports-tuned suspension create a dynamic feel, while wearing an ‘ST’ badge means the new Mondeo also features all the exterior sports styling cues of the V6-powered ST flagship. A unique interior trim includes part-leather front sports seats, with full leather Recaro seats available as an option.

Those favouring the luxury of Mondeo Ghia will also benefit from the new engine, as it becomes an option on Ghia X at the same time ST 155PS TDCi is launched, in August 2004.

There’s new petrol news too, as the Ford stand will also be the showcase for the new 204PS 3.0-litre Duratec V6 Mondeo. This flagship model is designed with refined power for customers who desire more, but they do not want an ST.

Based on the Mondeo ST220 3.0-litre, the new V6 will replace the Duratec 2.5-litre currently offered in Zetec S and Ghia models. With enhanced refinement, acceleration and top speed (7.9 seconds 0-62mph; 149mph) and near identical fuel economy and emissions (27.4 mpg combined; CO2 247 g/km), the new V6 is a fresh injection for the big petrol Mondeo.

On the Ford stand, the new engine will be featured in Mondeo’s latest Ghia special edition. The new model enhances Ghia looks and equipment with ST220 exterior styling cues front and rear, 17-inch alloys, sports suspension, privacy glass and a bluetooth phone in its unique grey alcantara interior. The new special edition will be available from October 2004 onwards, with a choice of the new V6 or 2.2-litre TDCi engines.

* New ‘Dura’ Powertrain Technologies

* Focus C-MAX 2.0-litre Duratec

* Focus C-MAX 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi with Durashift CVT

* Fiesta and Fusion 1.6-litre Duratec with Durashift automatic

* Euro Stage IV Duratorq TDCi family

Behind the headline new cars at Birmingham is a host of new engine and transmission technologies that make Ford's products more appealing and give customers more choice.

First up is the Focus C-MAX, which has added a new 145 PS 2.0-litre petrol and 1.6-litre TDCi mated with a new Durashift CVT automatic to its lineup from April 2004.

The lightweight, all-aluminium 145PS 2.0-litre is already featured in the Ford Mondeo range and is the third petrol Focus C-MAX option, alongside 1.6-litre (100PS) and 1.8-litre (125PS).

Focus C-MAX 2.0-litre Duratec achieves 0-62mph in 9.8 seconds and a top speed of 127 mph. Fuel consumption is 28.2 mpg (urban), 50.4 mpg (extra urban) and 38.7 mpg (combined), with CO2 of 176 g/km.

The Focus C-MAX range of TDCi options continues to grow apace. The latest new entrant is the 109PS 1.6-litre TDCi, which is also available with a new Durashift CVT automatic.

Expected to account for 16 per cent of total UK Focus C-MAX sales, the new Durashift CVT effectively converts 240Nm torque into a smooth, seamless acceleration giving a 0-62 mph time of 11.9 seconds and top speed of 112 mph. Economy is not sacrificed either, with a combined 49.6 mpg and CO2 of 153g/km. The new ‘box is available now in LX, Zetec or Ghia trim.

Automatic news doesn’t stop with Durashift CVT either, as a new, fully automatic four-speed transmission has debuted in Ford Fiesta and Fusion. This electronically controlled automatic offers exceptionally smooth gear shifting for relaxed, fuss-free urban driving. It joins the Durashift EST advanced manual and Mondeo’s Durashift 5-Tronic and six-speed manual, as the latest in a flow of advanced transmission

* Cleaner Powertrain Technologies with Euro Stage IV

Ford continues to research environmentally friendly technologies and implement them in production vehicles at the earliest opportunity. Part of a growing family of Duratorq TDCi engines meets the important Euro Stage IV emission levels. Both the Focus C-MAX 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDCi are now Stage IV capable, as are the Mondeo 130PS and 115 PS 2.0-litre TDCi.

More information on Ford products at 2004 Sunday Times Motor Show Live will be available on the Ford stand on press day, 25 May – Hall 4, Stand 600. The Ford of Britain news conference, given by managing director, Paul Thomas, will start at 09.55am.

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