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Mondeo Bonnet Catch

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I have recently gone bought an '05 plate Mondeo Tdci 130 estate & already have an issue with the car. Now I have had the bonnet open twice within the past 3 weeks and no problems.

But the car went into my local garage for a couple of things (anti-roll bar link knocking & A/c belt tensioner noisey) but the bonnet wouldn't open properly??!! Now I was there at the time

as I know the guys. The bonnet will pop on the first turn to the left but when turned right to release the catch it's not opening & feeling like i'm going to snap the key?

Any idea's how to open it without drilling the grill?

I know the previous owner (my dad) and there has never been a problem with it in the past.


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funnerly enough i work in a garage and a did one today,what i did i opened the first lock(left) then a couply lads liften bonnet up,using a large flat screw driver approx 15 inch or so long go to the passengers side of the lock the catch on the bonnet gets in the way but you can just sneak past it put screw driver in and move screw driver towards the drivers side and bonnet should pop open.once bonnet is open remove grill and you will see the shaft coming from where you put the key in to open bonnet the bit closest to you will move forward put a cable tie/tie wrap around it and let go your key should work as new hop it helps.

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