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Car going to Ford :(

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Hello everyone

as you have noticed i haven't been on here i went down the coast to yarmouth for tyhe weekend !Removed! good weekend shame i had to come home but anyways

Friday i finally bit the bullet stalling still keeps happening car still squeeks time to take it to ford to have the pcm re programmed as i think its that but they said they would find the fault as they have a specialist at there ford centre basically a RTE (Renault technicla expert) just a ford one but its where i buy my parts from so they do now who i am

one big !Removed! problem


But to be quite honest i have tried everything to get rid of this stalling and im now going round in circles lol

booked in for 10th october so i will let you all now how it goes


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Yeah thats what i thought they said they can sort it and i checked out that site brillant page but problem was it was for a mondeo i havn't checked some of the things though but ford said to me say for example its like a wheel ebaring for squeek and its like something small for engine the diagnosis fee doesent get charged


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Car going tmra now booked it in earlier for 3rd hopefully i will be telling you guys tmra night HOW TO FIX THE STALLING PROBLEM AND THE SQUEEK dont matter how much i pay for it as long as they sort it and then i can drive my car and have it clean all the time take a bit of pride in it cos all i seem to be doing lately is putting money into it


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the stalling has gone yay the aqueek they couldnt find but you now how hard it is the bloke said how i described it sounded like the water pump cost around £200 to replace but not to be too hasty

the pcm did need reprogramming he said its quite rare they get them problems in about 2 every year if that so i was right somewhere about it beng the pcm READ IT IN A TECHNICAL NOTE

they also said my car was in very good condition and looked well after i said to him i put a lot of time and money into that car thats why like

anyways got charged £44.60 something top price really considering its helped the stalling well stopped it all together i have had the cam reset and the latest calibration file put in my pcm

Thanks alll

We should make this a sticky


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