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Mk1 Focus 1.6 Zetec Se Cutting Out And Jerking

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hi there.

i have a serious problem with my focus. yesterday i was driving along when the car started jerking violently. it would do it for a short while then stop. i also noticed the immobiliser light (the one beside the clock) staying solid red and sometimes blinking only when the car is jerking or starts to die. all the needles drop sometimes and when the headlights are on they will dim a little bit. the battery light also comes on followed by the oil light. the car will also cut out at low revs for example if im slowing down at a junction. the speedo needle has been going crazy recently. say im doing 40mph it will shoot up to 120mph and go all around the place. this morning the car cut out and i could not get it started again. if i turned the key there was only a click coming from the engine. i had to push start the car to get it going again. can anyone shed light on this problem. i was thinking speedo sensor.

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Hi Sean

have you checked the battery(dimming lights/battery light comming on/only clicking when you came to stert this morning)

all point to fauly battery or/and alternator.

also needle jumping can also be caused by cylinder head temp wiring touching HT LEADS.(i would actually check this first)


p.s. it would be nice if you could let us know how you fix it as the people that view the post's may also have the same problem.



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