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nokia cradle in my mk3 mondeo


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hi there have recently bought a y reg mk3 mondeo zetec ,am looking for some info on the cradle that comes fitted as standard ,and wondered if anybody has any idea what models of nokia is compatible with the cradle, thanks Andy

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it isnt fitted as standard, some one has has it fitted, guessin it used to be a company car.

thanks for reply jay ,yes it was ex company car ,have wanted new shape mondeo for a while now ,got a really nice one at a bargain price ,excellent condition .the cradle is wired really neatly just thought it was standard ,be a shame to remove it as it is the full kit with antenna and in car loudspeaker ....i know where to come for future adcice...thanks again...Andy

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Is it a nokia cradle?

If it's been done profesionally than i can understand why you thought it was standard, i'm quite suprised the new mondeo's dont come with a bluetooth stereo than is a handsfree!

yes mate it is a nokia mcc-1 cradle have searched it ,and its compatible with the old school matrix phone and 62-6310 nokias,there !Removed! phones but as i said would be a shame to take it out may as well make use of it ...

thanks for your feedback....Andy

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