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Help Focus Brake System Bleeding

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can anyone help me what is the best way to bleed my brake system on my focus 2001 reg can anyone help

abs or non abs?

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the non abs is very simple.

is there a reason you need to bleed them? or are you just replacing the fluid or something along those lines?

you need to start at the furthest away wheel from the master cylinder and work your way to the closest. - start with the passenger rear

the pedal needs to be depressed slowly and held there(it will fall to the floor when bleed nipple is opened), the bleed nipple is then opened for a short period of a few second and then closed. the pedal is then released and the process is continued until no air bubbles are seen coming out. do not release the pedal with the bleed nipple open, this will draw air into the system. be sure to keep the fluid topped up and do not let it fall below the minimum.

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thankyou for that but what if i use those 1 man bleeding kits are they any good if i use that do i do the same as you stated

hi darren 2912 a 1 man bleed kit should work fine, ive used one with a non return valve at one end and the other end pushes onto the bleed valve. as a precaution to drawing air back into the system i submersed the non return valve in brake fluid in a tallish container, then when you depress the pedal it will flush the line you are bleeding,and not allow any air to be drawn back into the line. yes you would use the same procedure as mentioned above, just keep your master cylinder topped up!

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as already said, no probs with the 1 man kits but one thing to watch out - air can be drawn in between the bleed nipple and the rubber hose, be sure to make sure you have a good tight fit.

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