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Limited Reprint: How To Prepare The Sierra For Motorsport!

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Through a lot of conversations, negotiation, and agreements, Ford granted permission to do a limited reprint of How To Prepare the Sierra for Motorsport!

They did this to support their enthusiasts.

Now, the original draft of the book is long gone, so the reprint is a reproduction of an original book. I have a proof at my desk, and the quality is quite good.

Very few changes were made to the book. The cover was updated to reflect the right type of car (the older reprint had a sapphire, this has a RS500) and the table of contents was updated to include page numbers (rather than just chapter numbers). It’s a 7x10 book, so it’s big enough to see the pictures. 151 pages in all.

To purchase it (in time for the holidays if your sig. other needs ideas!), go to:


The list price is $19.95 but you can get 10% off by using discount code: VWMXNLAB

You can also get it from amazon.com, but that discount won't apply. Shipping might be better though, so it might even out for ya:


It's limited to a 200-copy run so don't wait too long.

For those that don’t know what this book is, it is Ford’s 150+ page, original manual on how to convert an off-the-shelf Sierra to a homologated Group N or A Rally car. It covers every aspect of the car, from structure to brakes, suspension to wheels, etc. It’s quite comprehensive. I referenced an old copy often as I was setting my XR up for road racing.

Here’s the table of contents from the book:




Regulations - International, National and Sporting

Body Shell, Fittings and Skid Shields

Engine and Engine Cooling

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Wheels and Tyres

Drive Line - Transmission, Final Drive and Drive Shafts



Fuel Supply

Exhaust System




Vehicle Build Specifications


This reprint is a project of mine - I reached out to ford, got tossed around for a few months, got their permission, paid to have it digitally remastered, paid for the ISBN number, paid to have it printed, and am responsible for royalties. There's VERY little profit in this - it's more to help perpetuate a great car and a great resource. I didn't get into cars to get rich :-).



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12/21/2010 Update: 50 copies left. Act now or forever hold your peace!

https://www.createspace.com/3524955 , Discount code TEAPR92B,

Or for faster shipping (But no discount code), amazon.com:




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