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Eac Fail 1.4 Tdci 2002 Fiesta Help!

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Hi All

I have a 2002 MK6 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and while i was driving to pick my wife up from the train station last nite, i suddenly got a message flash up on the clock screen 'EAC FAIL', it flashed a few times and then went off and then on again. The car drives perfectly fine, can't feel any loss in power and the manual says Electronic Accelerator Control.

The nearside front spring broke on New Year Day, just got that done and they noticed a tyre starting to go bald on the outer edge, so it's now in for tyre and tracking and this happens last night!

I've done some searching and my feeling is the Accelerator Pedal, which from Ford is £90 + Vat Any help appreciated, don't want to change the pedal if not needed. I was going to get a guy i know to come 'round tonight to put diagnostics on it, but have also heard this fault doesn't always give a code on the diagnostics machine.

Does anyone know how easy (or not) to change the pedal, if it is this at fault??



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Same here :(

53 reg Ford Fusion 1.6, girlfriend pulled up and dragged me outside as the car is sitting there revving up and down by itself, dash flashing with EAC Fail displayed. No power, and wouldn't rev above 3000rpm. Restart cured it.

Lots of 'the dealer replaced this, replaced that' but I haven't found one example of someone coming back and saying it was fixed :(

Got the easy stuff to check...clean plugs to pedal, check earth under battery, but all the other possibles are expensive!

I changed the clutch master cylinder at the weekend but I'm sure I didn't disturb anything, and the car has done about 6 journeys of 70 miles since then.

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