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A Quick Question On Offset Of Alloy Wheels


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Hello!!, just wondered if anyone can help me out ?

My cars recomended Offset or "ET" is around 35-45. However i have been looking at some alloys that have an offset of 25.

Will i be able to fit these wheels? or will i have to make adjustments, spacers etc ?

Thanks a lot, Connor :)

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Wheel offset in basic terms High value offset/ET(eg50mm)=Narrower track/wheels tucked further inwards.

Lower value offset/ET(eg25mm)=Wider track/wheels pushed further outwards.

Typically if you have a recommended offset range the lowest value(35mm) is usually as wide a track as possible to go to without your tyres hitting the bodywork during steering or/and suspension duties. Another point is that I would have thought 35mm brings the tread section near to the outside edge of the wheel arch, which is effectively the tyres spray suppression, if you mount the 25mm that would probably bring part of the tyre tread section outside the wheel arch which means that spray suppression is ineffective which is illegal.

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I know this was a long time ago but I have just fitted Puma Wheels to my 2007 Fiesta and the offset on these wheels is 34.

They went on ok and do not rub on anything, however just wondered if I am going to cause any long term suspension issues.

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