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Stiff Gear Box

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Hay I'm new to this and this has probably been posted somewhere before but..

my gears go really stiff once the car is hot. Once the car is off and has time to cool it goes back to normal. Then once it get hot again the problem comes back.

I don't know much about cars so any advice will be appreciated.

if its a simple fix I'm willing to have a crack at it myself. but if it needs to go to a garage could you give me an idea on cost.

Thanks !

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a gearbox oil change may be on the cards.

Its not that hard to do...can get messy though.

I would be concerned that perhaps the clutch is malfunctioning due to the heat...but if the gears are just stiff, not crunching then I wouldnt go for that its cheaper to get the g/box oil changed before a clutch!

Piggy :)

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