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Ford Fiesta - Dvd Player / Gps - Opinions Please


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i just found this on eBay (FORD FIESTA - DVD PLAYER / GPS) ... i want to know your Opinion :


Key Features:

  • Special design for Ford Fiesta
  • Plug and Play, easy for installation without extra adapters
  • Show Ford logo when ignition on as original factory product
  • 7" digital screen with 800*480 pixels
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • Multi-languages OSD menu
  • Three Zone function: Listening Radio/Music while Watching GPS maps in the front and watching DVD/TV from the back monitor for passengers synchronously
  • Built-in bluetooth function, support A2DP, play music from cell phone via bluetooth
  • Dual SD card slots, one for GPS maps, the other for media files
  • Top USB port, Max. support 16GB
  • Rear iPod Connection, lead iPod player to glovebox conveniently
  • Built-in FM/AM Tuner
  • Built-in RDS function
  • Built-in Analog TV tuner
  • Steering wheel controls(SWC) function
  • Accessories: Harness Cable,CanBus box,USB&iPod cable,GPS antenna,AV cable,Touch pen,User manual and Remote control

Price 350 - 390 GBP





... will it void warranty? ... comments pleaseee :rolleyes:

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It's a pretty neat idea actually. How hard will it be to fit?

I'm not sure about the warranty.

they say will take less than 2h to fit, just remove the actual screen and the CD Player and fit this one. No need to cut or modify your original dash, simply Plug and Play! can Keep your steering wheel control - Ford Compatable.


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car-vision.co.uk - they have this DVD/GPS player ... and they can fit, for a extra £49.99!

An expensive mod after fitting, but definitly worth it if you have that kind of money to spare

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This has been discussed before but just so you are aware.

You will lose voice control, as far as i'm aware that includes climate etc if you have that.

You will not be able to control the on screen stuff such as powerfold mirrors, etc.

Warranty should be fine though.


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These are Chinese imports that run on windows CE based software. You can get similar for all the Ford range. I had one in my 2009 Focus. They connect up to the original block connector. No wires to cut.

The DVD Player is pretty good. TV is a waist of time as you are dependant on how good the signal is and are unlikely to get a good signal on the move anyway. Analogue TV is being switched off soon.

The Sat/Nav is great especially as you can use just about any PDA based Sat/Nav software. The one in the photo's is using iGO 8 which I prefer to Tom Tom.

The radio is not very good as the signal is weak and you do not get things like Automatic Frequency Control.

You normally get Blootooth which does work, although you may have to shout to be heard.

If you can live with the cluncky software and the poor radio reception, it is still good value for money when compared with the Ford systems.

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... anyone here got one? im really tempted!

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. As I said in another thread recedntly, similar items, ie all in one double din units from the likes of Alpine and Pioneer are over twice the price. You have to ask yourself why before you go and pay your hard earned out.

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