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Change Illumination Colour Of Sony 6000Cd


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hi folks. i have decided to write up a guide, to show those who want to mod, their 6000cd (center volume button).

what you will need:

1x size 10 torx screw driver

1x pair of tweezers

1x soldering iron with solder

4x plcc-2 90 degree smd led (purchasable from http://www.crazyleds.co.uk/PLCC-2-90-SIDELED/)

28x 1206 smd leds (purchasable from http://www.crazyleds.co.uk/1206/)

*led's can be purchased from other online sites, i just used that one as an example as i used that store for my supplies.

Note: you will need to be semi-confident in the use of a soldering iron as smd led's are very small and in my own personal opinion very awkward to handle, even when using the tweezers.

Note 2: i cannot be held responsable, if you cause damage to your unit, i did this to mine and had no issues.

expected time of completion 1hr 30mins approx.

1) remove the radio from the car (be sure to have the radio code handy - needed for connecting back up!)


2) on each side there is 2x size 10 torx screws, remove these. (4x torx screws altogether) (circled in picture)



3) gently pull the front off, be very carefull of the ribbon. this will disconnect quite easily...just like a hard drive ribbon in your computer.


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4) remove the 4x black torx screws (size 10)


5) around the plastic edge are little holes with metal bulges holding it in place. gently prise the platic away from these, very little effort is needed. once that is done the metal backing will come off and you will be left with the green board. in the four corners there are the clips to hold it in place. squeeze these gently and you will hear/feel a click, on each one and the green circuit board will come away.


6)on the front side, pull the volume/on off dial and it will come off. now gently remove the circuit board so you are left with.


7)flip the circuit board, screen down and straighten the 6 metal pins holding the screen.


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8) gently pull the screen away from the board, take note that the screen is connected via pins on one side and not both. and place in a safe area.

9) you are now left with just the circuit board and all the SMD LED's are on show. unsolder and resolder how you see fit. i did however find that if the soldering iron is too hot the small pads on where you solder to, come off and a little repair work is needed. so turn your soldering down (i used position 1 of 2 on mine) if you dont have that luxury just keep switching yours on and off to keep it hot but not as hot as it can go...if that makes sense.

the 28x 1206 SMD LED's are shown by a red arrow

the 4x plcc-2 90 degree SMD LEDs are shown by a blue arrow

EDIT: i have just noticed on review that 1x 1206 actually has a blue arrow and was meant to have a red. (bottom left corner)


10) once completed reassemble in reverse order and connect back up to your car.

11) once you turn it on, it may, ask you for a code. press the number 1 button to cycle to the right number for the first digit, number 2 for second digit and so on. press 5 to accept the code.

12) turn your lights on and enjoy!!!!


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