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Starting Issues - Mondeo 1998, 2.0l

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The battery on the car seems to go dead very quickly, we have jumped started it, driven it come bak and it starts fine. even starts next morning, however last night i put the alarm on and this morning nothing would turn over or start...jump started it again...now everytime we stop at a junction etc, pull away, 1 sec it seems to die, lights dims, then starts again and drives again until u stop to pull off again...and now will not start.

I will clean battery terminals tomorrow as they are corroded...but how will i know if this is an electrical problem, alternator or battery problem...advice please..



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you need to check if your alternator is putting out the right voltage,with the car started switch on the headlights and heater, rev the engine a bit. connect a volt meter to the battery, any thing less than 13.5 volts suspect the alternator not charging the battery. if the alternator is ok suspect the battery not holding the charge. you can do this yourself or get a local garage to check it for you its only a ten minute job.

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