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Mk1 Focus Egr Valve Help

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Good luck mate....really hope it works. If it does i'll do mine too!

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Hi all,

Well ive finally done the clean and...... The car is finally not smoking :D Its worked very good. Improved bhp a little aswel so im more than happy. My car before was really bad for smoking and now theres hardly anything.

Heres some steps to help you all.


Remove the air flow pipe to your left

Once removed it should look like this..


As you can see the left pipe is now removed.

If you now just clean inside the egr valve with a cloth just to get all the sludge out of it.

Now back to the instructions i was send.

Start engine, and run till warm

Set engine to run at 2000 rpm

Spray in short intervals

IMPORTANT, if revs increase whilst spraying, reduce revs to idle

Rpm, and diesel knocking can increase during pulverisation

After each pulverisation, wait for revs to settle

Continue till all the 200mlare consumed

Let the engine run at idle for a few minutes

Turn off engine

Re-attach hose

Re-start engine

After this idling period accelerate the engine 5 to 10 times, or drive for 5 to 10 km


And thats about it. Once you have followed these instructions you should notice you car running alot better than before. Im really impressed with how simply it was and really want to thank everyone on this forum for you help. Hope my instructions make sense to you all and goodluck with doing it youself. I didnt have any problems doing it. Its really straight forward.

Thanks Again :D

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Well done Tazz. More than pleased my info helped you. Will definatley do mine tomorrow if weather permits. Hope mine goes as well as yours, sounds like its worth doing anyway. If it does,nt fix my problem at least i know it,s not done any harm. Will keep you posted tomorrow.

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Yeah defo keep us informed. Good luck with yours. I think everyonw shud do the clean really. I got so much crap out of it.

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Yippeee. Just done mine, and took it for a good spin. Sounds like a new un, and runs well. No issues at all with doing it. Exept for upsetting the neibough of the R.B.L. club, as i did it on there car park. Bloke came round and started moaning about the noise, as he was sitting in his back garden lol. Sent him off with a flea in his ear. By the time he had finished going off on one i had done it, only took ten minutes to complete. Bet he was well pleased when the plume of black smoke went over his garden, but i cant control the breeze lmao. Hopefully this has cured my problem. Worth doing it 10/10.

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Really glad to hear that mate. So easy to do and worth it 100% i think i may start doing mine every 5 months or something just to keep it clean from now on. :D

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Yes Sounds like a good idea. Unfortunatley hasnt sorted my problem, but one more thing i can rule out. Drove it as i said after the clean, and it was perfect. Went out tonite and slowed down to turn left after a couple of miles, turned left and went to accelerate, and it happened again. Real sluggish, seems like the turbo doesnt kick in. Stopped, switched off, and immediatley started it back up, and drove home normaly. Cant get me head round it. Looks like taking it to ford for a diagnostic. Never mind AAAGH.

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