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hi guys

i want to fit a towbar to my fusion 03 plate.been looking around for a suitable towbar.came

across one on e-bay.

could you please tell me if all the holes for the brackets are already on the chassis or would i need to drill these my self.


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Hi there, I dont know if you are still interested but I fitted a towbar on my fusion yesterday. All the holes were pre-drilled and it took me and my mate about an hour to fit. We found that it was easier to jack up the back end and remove the wheels. It was easy to fit and we had no problems with following the instructions.If you are still interested the towbar in question was one of these.

Ebay Towbar For Ford Fusion

We also found it very amusing that it comes with parts called "Plates On Rods" Lol.

Hope this is of some use to you.

Regards, Paul.

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