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What Engine Is My Focus, And Other Questions!

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Hi, please bear with me - brand new member...


I've got a Sept-2005 registered MK2 Ford Focus 1.6L LX, which according to the ETIS website has a Zetec-S 100 PFI engine. I intend to service this myself.

I had a quick look at the service schedule booklet which came with the car along with the user manuals, etc. It was at this point I noticed something odd: the entries for the camshaft renewal were all over the place. It turns out my schedule was printed in 2002, so is of no relevance to my car (good one, Ford). There is no mention of replacing any of them at 100,000 miles/8 years, but everyone you talk to tells you this is the correct interval for a MK2 Focus.

This led me to the ETIS website to print off a proper service schedule, which has now led me to this website just to get a couple of remaining questions answered by your good selves.


1) The ETIS website it gives me two engine options for my registration:

Duratec 16v Manual 06/2004 - 12/2005

Duratec 16v Manual 01/2005 - 01/2008

What is the correct option for my car, and why are there two options?

2) Is a Zetec-S 100 PFI in fact a Duratec 16v? Zetec isn't even in the list of variants for any MK2 Focus.

3) As I can't rely on my handbooks, what is the correct engine oil for my car? And can anyone recommend a brand / make? I'm loathe to go with Motorcraft as at Ford's it is £43!

4) Just to be sure, additional service items such as cambelt changes, these aren't included in a service, are they? They charge extra for these?

5) On a completely different note, I have the two original keys (the proper remote, and the back-up non-remote one). There's a lot of conflicting info on the web about getting an extra key programmed. Some sites say you can program another as long as you have the two original keys; Ford say you need a £100k super computer and be Gandalf himself in order to do it; some say you'll only be able to program it to open the doors, not to disable the immobiliser. Anyone know the real score? If it is possible to get it done properly (ie an exact replica of the original remote one), what exactly do you do and where's the best place to get the additional key?

Many thanks in advance.

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1) there are two options I think one is for Chain and the other is Belt driven. if you are in doubt, does the ETIS website tell you the manufacture date? otherwise I would assume that its from 06/04 - Their is every chance its not, but then again, you dont need to worry about it anyway as there is very little difference in the servicing.

2) As far as I am aware it is the Duratorq 16v, I think all Focus engines are the Duratorq (Mk2.5 2004> anyway) best to get a second oppinion on that.

3) From memory, the correct oil is 5W30 - as for makes, none are really outstanding...

4) The only things that tend to be included in a service is the labour of changing filters etc, I had to pay for the oil and fluid in the washer pipe for mine before. as a general rule of thumb, if the part costs more than £30 you can expect to pay for it seperately (and potentially labour also)

5) you CAN program the key to the car, there are methodoligies in the Focus club on this, I believe you turn the key to electrics, then off, repeat this rapidly (6 times?) and then that programs the key to the car. As for the remote, I think once you have done this, you then remove the key, press and hold the lock and unlock buttons together for about 15 seconds, and then the car should beep - that is the remote set.

Im pretty sure thats all correct, but would suggest any other contributors mention their thoughts also!

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Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

Why can't things be more simple?!

The ETIS website says the build date of the car is August 2005, so therefore it is inbetween both sets of dates. However, like you say there's not much difference to the two schedules.

I've read up more on these engines. They're not Duratorq's (they are diesel), they are duratec, which is another name for Zetec. An interesting overview is found here:


Here it says that the Zetec-SE is the same as the Zetec-S (which is what ETIS says mine is), and that all Zetecs were branded Duratecs in the mark II Focus.

A couple of other links seem to say that this engine is a belt, not chain:



Thanks for the help. I'll dig further around re the key, as it would be handy!

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Lol, I keep getting my duratorq and duratec mixed up, I will learn one day... lol

Good Luck with the key!

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