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Hi someone please help im really struggling with changing the top mount on my escort van 2000.

Ive taken all the nuts off but when i jack the engine up the car goes with it. Is there something im missing?

Thanks Gav

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The mount should have 2 nuts on the top. These come up through the body mounting plate. I think you need to drop that side of the engine for the mount to come out of the 2 holes. I also believe there are 3 bolts holding the mount to the block. So undo the 2 nuts and the 3 bolts and support the engine and the mount should come off.

Hope this helps

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Hi vinny thanks for you reply ill give it ago after work tomoz. Hopefully that will do it.

There are two mounts on the van and on the same side is this top one?

So far ive taken of the bolts but when i jack the engine up the car goes with it so ive tried taken the engine mount bracket of but there must be an easy way i just cant figure it out

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If you look at it from the front. There should be 1 mount on the left hand side/drivers side and a stabiliser bar. Then on the right/passenger side there are 2 mounts on the gearbox, one at the front and one at the rear

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I have just done this on my W Reg 55 Van. It was trickier than it looked as Gavin says, it'd be great if you could just jack the engine up but sadly it drags the car up with it so I worked this way out. You will need:

10mm spanner/socket

13mm socket & spanner

15mm socket & spanner

18mm socket


axle stands (unless you're Dangermouse!)

a friend might help for one bit!

Firstly check handbrake and undo the 10mm nut on the air filter box then lift it up and away to get better room to work.


Then put the jack under the gearbox, I found the joint between the gearbox and clutch bell housing was ideal, raise it just to take the weight off the old mount. Undo the large central 15mm nut then undo the 13mm bolts which hold in the retaining plate, the rear one is a bit of a sod the get to, ring spanner works better than socket here.

Escortgboxmountrear13mm.jpg Escortgboxmountretainingplate.jpg

Having removed the retaining plate undo the 15mm nuts holding the steel mount which the threaded portion of the mount goes through. Escortgboxmountsteel.jpg I found I could only get the rear one off with a spanner at an angle.Escortgboxmountrearsteelnut.jpg

Then undo the bolt holding the aluminium cast mount to the car on topEscortgboxmountaluminium.jpg, then following the casting down you'll find a 15mm bolt under the car which you remove. Escortgboxmountaluminium2.jpgEscortgboxmountunder.jpg Make sure you have put axle stands under before going beneath - I don't want to be sued any time soon!!

Once all of this is loose it is just a case of doing the dance of the lifty lowery jack until you can get the mount out - it's still fairly awkward but it will come out, then replacement is just the reverse using threadlock wherever needs be, the friend is to wiggle the ally casting while you're under trying to locate the bolt! A pry bar can be useful.Escortgboxmountfinalstage.jpg

Enjoy your van/car which no longer rumbles/judders in reverse and kerklunks when you turn her engine off, bear in mind though that because there's more contact in the new mount there will be more engine vibration through the cab.

Hope this helps someone else, and hope the photos work!!

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Just replaced the 3 engine mounts on my 2001 escort van. They had all perished and the engine was tilting to the offside rubbing up against the power steering fluid resovior.

Replacing mountings went without hit h, but the engine is still tilting to the offside.

Any and all advice would be much appreciated.


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