Help Power Roof Not Working

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i have a mark 6 ford escort cabriolet and the power roof is not working the previous owner said the pump was new but it dont work no noise comes from pump at all any ideas?

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I'm sure there is a switch/lever on the pump that can be turned into manual mode. Has this been turned? If not check for power at the switch, if there is power there check that when it is pushed you have power to the pump. Also check the fluid level.

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So far we have repaired the motor and cleaned the brushes etc and this works the roof up and down with a feed from a battery,

the 2 green relays in the boot look ok and the 2 relays under the drivers footwell look ok. Both fuses in the boot and footwell are good

our problem is that the switch does not send power to the pump and wondered if it's all of the relays or is there another fuse in the main fuse box I need to check?

any help would be much appreciated 





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