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Ford Mondeo 1.8TD N Registration Help!!

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Hi guys and Gals

my dad just bought a Ford Mondeo 1.8TD on an N Registration

its done 83440 miles, he is the 6th owner, yikes! still drives lovely, economical, everything working on it etc

bumpers a bit flaky here and there, but other than that a great little Bargain he got there :P

only cost him £500 for Cash :blink:

When he bought the car he was told by the Garage "Northampton Trade Cars" that it had had 2 Previous Owners, my dad recieved the Log Book today and it has had 5! so he is the 6th, he was also told that it had had the Cambelt done on it, didnt say when though!

my Dad can find NO indication when or where!

my Question is how much roughly would it cost for a cambelt change from a Garage or mechanic do you reckon?

he is pretty desperate and is concerned it could just go BANG if something isnt done, more piece of mind than anything

anyone have any ideas? and also on this make and model of car, what should he look out for that normally goes wrong on this year of Mondeo?

Many Thanks

Wayne in Oxford

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you can get the kits online including the pullys for around £60, then its just what your local garage would charge for fitting. i would go back and have a go about the number of owners and see if they will adjust the price because of the miss-information.

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for 500 nicker you cant go wrong i had the m reg td it was my first mondy and it was !Removed! it was proper slow and had pieces falling off it every where and every thing that could go wrong did go wrong lol but if you get a decent example then i wouldnt worry about any thing there brilliant cars i named mine the love bus!!! if they are looked after nothing will really go wrong with them only general wear and tear but hey thats the joy of motoring eh as i am aware the only thing to realy be careful of is the door handles they tend to stiffen up and the spring inside breaks so every time you lift the handle it stays open and the door wont shut i used to find it funny as hell to not tell people and then go round a corner so they nearly fell out!!! oh good times lol

oh and the alternators arnt that great on them but thats not a big deal you can pick one up from a scrap yard or even a decent garage wont charge you that much to replace one but all things aside i still miss mine and i am sure that your old man will love his to

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