Stop Lamp Bulb Fault

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HI all

i have recently purchased a 2.5t smax which i am very happy with. but the last couple of days i have a problem with the lower brake lights..... they dont work, the upper light appears to be fine. On the computer it gives me the message that states' stop lamp bulb fault' . I have checked the manual and it says one or both brake bulbs need changing, i have changed both, although i think they were ok but with no joy.Inside the car down by the brake pedal there does appear to be a lead with a small plug hanging, but i cannot see where this plug has come disconnected from, if at all.

Would appreciate some feedback guys and lasses if possible.


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hi, see below...common fault

Should a customer express concern that the warning message <STOP LAMPS BULB FAULT> is displayed on the instrument cluster, the probable cause is the load resistor wiring detached completely at the end of the ceramic body.

To rectify the concern, a new wiring loom for the high mounted stoplamp should be installed.

1. Remove the high mounted stoplamp (two screws).

2. Remove the upper part of the liftgate trim panel.

3. Locate and cut the high mounted stoplamp wiring loom.

Close the tailgate.

Remove and discard the high mounted stoplamp wiring loom.

4. Install a new high mounted stoplamp wiring loom.

Open the tailgate.

Cut off the electrical connector of the spare part.

Make sure that the grommet is installed correctly.

5. Remove the insulation at the cable ends.

6. Insert the stripped ends of the wires into the solder crimp connector (see Parts Required).

7. Crimp the connection.

8. CAUTION: Do NOT damage any surrounding wiring.

Using a hot air gun, heat the shrink sleeving.

Using tape (see Parts Required) to insulate the repair area.

9. Install all remaining parts in reverse order.

10. Check the functionality of the high mounted stoplamp.

regards steve

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Hi Please go gentle on me.
I have just purchased a sensible family Ford S max and am going through a few jobs to get it all ship shape for me. The high level brake light is not working and is dislaying an error on the dash. I have replaced the Bulb and no luck. i have 10.5v at the bulb with the bulb out and brake light on, when i fit the bulb it drops to 0v. i have checked the loom back to the body and it is all fine, the flexi part is fine... ideas please?



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have you got the right bulb or a non faulty bulb? If the voltage is dropping its being shorted out somewhere?

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Hi All

thanks for your help, I dropped into the ford dealer, picked up a bulb, fitted it... no joy. the n as suggested disconnected the battery, and joy it works. i had the radio code. interestingly the new bulb from ford was physically bigger in the size of the glass surrounding the filament than the one that had blown and the cheap replacement.

I have never needed help changing a lightbulb before.. complicated things these cars!.

thanks again. now just the clutch to sort out..

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Not heard that one before lol unplug the car and the bulb starts working again lol.

Is the clutch worn down?

Actually, its working the way it should.

The stop lights are not fused, but monitored and protected by its fault monitoring circuit, which may trip up with out of spec, e.g. off the shelf generic bulbs.

A battery reset resets the circuit.

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I had this stop lamp issue too.

The problem I found is that most people replace the brake bulb with a 501 capless, this is only 5watts.

The correct bulb is a w16w 921 bulb which is 16w this has sorted out the issue.

If you try the brake light with a 501 it flickers and then stops, turn ignition of on it then repeats the flicker and off.

If yuo use the higher wattage bulb as per the owners manual it will sort the issue :-)

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