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Correct Tyre Pressure


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I have a Zetec 1.6TDCi, with factory fitted optional extra 7 spoke 16" alloys, or to be more precise 195/45 r16 86v.

The standard inflation chart on the internet when I enter my reg no with the standard wheels (195/50/v15) says the pressure should be 30 psi all round. The plate thing on the inside of the ns door state 195/45 r16, 31psi all round, However it also states 1.6 Diesel, 33 psi all round. Would this plate be specific to my car with the option added or standard? I have also read that you should use the standrd pressure recommended for your vehilce, which would therefore be 30psi all round.

Anyone any idea what is the correct prssure???


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I just go by what it says in the manual, if you have a flick through it lists all the engine types and correct tyre pressure for normal, and fully loaded, front and rear. Tyres can hold a lot more air than the recommended levels though, and the difference between 30psi and 31psi shouldn't be noticeable.

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My Zetec S TDCi suggests 31 at the front and 26 at the rear under light load. The plate in the door states 31 front rear. I go with 30 in the back as 26 sounds low, especially when it suggests 43 under load.

It laughable frankly....how hard can it be to be consistent?

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