Roof Bars - Lost Mounting Bracket

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Hi All,

I have the official Ford roof bars for my s-max (panoramic roof) and have lost one of the solid plastic mounting inserts. I have searched high and low in the garage and it's just vanished.

The mounting inserts come in pairs marked A for the front and B for the back. I have lost one of the A's.

I phoned Ford and they don't sell the mounting inserts separately, so that leaves we with having to buy another set of roof bars, which seems somewhat barmy and too much of a strain on my wallet.

Can anyone suggest a cheaper option?

Fingers and toes crossed.


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Nope -the roof bar bits are not available separately.

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Hi Stephen,Thierry,

I have a similar problem in that my domed shaped pads in the fitting have split and cannot find any parts to replace, I know this is of no help but i am looking at replacing the whole system withthe thule units as they are replacable, costly but in the long term best option i have found so far.

There are some full systems ford genuine on E-bay at the mo if you can get them cheap enough might be only help.



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