the old bills xmas do

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so i have had this mondy for a little over a week now and have whacked in a new sony xplod stereo my amp and a couple of 6*9's sounds mint well just needs a bit of tweeking but thats nothing, so i have had a set of neons that i have had sat there for about 6 months and haven't been touched so i thought balls to it and stuck them on!!!

because my car is white when i had finished it was !Removed! filthy so stuck on my lights and off to the petty station and the car wash and within 20 minutes of leaving the house had a 30 quid fine superb eh paying for the old bills christmas do "another pint ted?" "nah f*ck it stuz is paing make mine a double" b*stards now i know neons aint exactly legal but its not like i was driving like a c*nt and wasn't speeding a warning would of been enough!!!

so out of sight back on they go posing mode (we all do it looking at your reflection in shop windows as you pass by to make sure you look good in your motor lol i know i aint the only one)

i am telling you now this is the car that is going to end costing me my lisence but you know what! f*uck it i dont care i love this car it ticks all the right boxes and what a buzz hearing a v6 growl when you put your foot down and the best bit of it all is when you pull up at the lights next to some young n*b head in a punto that mummy bought him that only see's a mondy and thinks its just an over sized shopping trolly then dusting him!!!

i will upload some pics of the new car in the morning need some decent ones first

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blue neons will attract the rossers like bees to a honey pot as they are only allowed to be illuminated on emergengy vechles

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