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mondeo mk3 engine problem

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hi i have reciently bought this car, it has the duratec HE 1.8 SFI (125ps) engine in it, the problem is the car is very hard to start and when it does start its running on three cylinders could this be the head gasket thats gone and if it is how big a job is it to be fixed if not ford has mentioned it could be the coil pack.

there is no ECU light on thats saying its an electrical problem. please help as im baffled of what to do as one persons saying its one thing and another person is saying its some thing else many thanks

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it could be many things from a coil pack to a cam/crank sensor without seeing the car its hard to say.

hi and thanks we have found the problem, we did a compression test today cylinders 1 - 3 - 4 are reading between 180 - 200 psi and No. 2 is reading zero the previous owner has ragged the engine and its dropped a valve so were having it repaired tomorrow, all been well it should be fixed fairly soon, I HOPE :unsure:

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