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! Guide ! Changing Springs On Fiesta Mk7

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The instructions in this thread are great but is anyone able to help with removal of Mk6 Fiesta Coils Springs (06 reg). My daughter's car is up for sale and last week when somebody came to see it, it was fine, however on Saturday when someone else was due to come and see it I went to move it on the drive and the near side coil had snapped. As I am unable to drive it to a garage I need to replace the spring and was looking for a guide. As we are selling the car do not wish to get a Haynes manual and wondered if anyone can help with which bolt to undo at the bottom. I have undone the strut bolts in the engine bay, undone the drop link and could now do with some direction on which bolt to undo attaching the shock to the hub. It is different from the one shown in the guide and could do with some advice.

I have undone the bolt going through the shock which has an allen key head on the other side. How do I get this bolt out, do I just hit s**t out of it or is there a simpler way, have I actually undone the right bolt. Once this is loose will the shock and spring just drop down or is there a bit of manoeuvring to do with it. I have some spring compressors to get the new spring onto the strut.

Any help would be appreciated

many thanks

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Interesting guide! My Son has recently changed the front springs on our Fiesta, not to upgrade the springs but to re-new a pair after one spring snapped on the lower section of the strut, everything went well and we put back everything as it was before we started, all the bolt locations was marked up in yellow paint before we began taking everything apart, marked up parts so it would go back together just as it was when built up at the factory.... But one question I need answering is: Will the tracking or camber need to be checked ? The steering wheel is straight as I drive along - car goes in a straight line when I take my hands off the steering wheel.

Looking at the bolt holes they are round and not oval like some VW's are so camber won't be affected or will it ??


Thanks in advance.


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