Which Obd2 Reader For 2003 Tddi ? Elm327 Not Working !

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hi everyone,

has anyoen got an OBD2 reader working on a 03 tddi ?

i can get my ELM327 to pair via bluetooth but it wont connect to the ECU.

is it because its not obd2 compliant or are the 3 different software packages ive experimented with not compatible.

if people are connecting to their TDDI can you please tell me which reader and software you are using, would be much appreciated

thanks !

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The F-super (cable/ non bluetooth + needs pc) and the bluefin for Fords (and some other handheld cable OBD readers) work with the Mondeo TDDI, diesels were not fully OBD11 compliant untill 2004, the last TDDIs were made in 2002

i would be interested to know if any wireless/ bluetooth OBD devices work on the Mondeo TDDI

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