My Bloody Mk4 (2001) 1.25I 16V Zetec Got A Maf? (& If So Why Is It Not Where The Haynes Manual Says It Should Be?)

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Hi all, I've recently been experiencing poor/lumpy engine performance, poor MPG & I reckon its running a bit rich (the exhaust is black but not smoking/blowing etc). It judders under acceleration & doesn't pull like it used to. The sparks, HT leads & coil pack have all been replaced the still the issue remains. I decided to try & remove the MAG & give it a clean as suggested by some of the more knowledgeable members but I can't seem to find it. I can't find anything that looks like the pics of a MK4 MAF (with the wires in etc), the Haynes manual isn't any help either (it doesn't seem to have my engine bay layout). The front right area where it seems most people find the MAF is just the plastic pipe for the air intake & the cylindrical thing in the 2nd pic with the stainless steel collar around it just has what I would describe as a white valve that can be opened & closed for airflow I guess but nothing that looked like a sensor. :blub:



If anyone after looking at the pics of my engine bay has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.


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i also have a fiesta with similar trouble,short history had engine light on caused by a insuffcient catalytic converter replaced it with second hand one from friend, engine light is out now no problems there. then as i am driving along at a constant speed i could feel a miss would go if i stepped on the accelerator . took out the maf which is under the the air filter " deep under the air filter " takes a little work anyway when you remove the filter you will see the wires follow them there is a second unit there also which i think is part of the idle system cleaned it . now the big miss seems gone however under load say going up hill i feel slight hesitation, not sure where i go now might disconnect maf or check out the throttle body which is the second picture you have up and described. let me know how you go.

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