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hello ford fans

ok this is my first ever post on this site, hope its in the right place if not so sorry ;)

ok bit run down first my brother inlaw and me are converting a full wrc spec mk1 escort from having built it up..it is running a red top vauxhall engine right now, as we put it in, and had to cut buckhead out etc, total mod to floor plans etc arches and back axle, now we going to put the cosworth running gear in, we have everything we need, to make it work but we stuck for some nice photos of gearbox mounts, which we would have to make..to make the new gear fit...anyone with photos on there builds would great help..anything you have photos of engine bay etc and the rest of the work you done..

we have the space to do the work, also brother inlaw built a jig so we can flip/roll the car over so its easy to get to job

Please help anyway you can.even if you do not have photos text word is also a help as we will read everything

Thankyou :)

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You could try looking in the Picture Gallery, but other than that, I don't think we have any MK1 Escort members that have done what you're doing...

Sounds like a good project though, and I personally would love to see some pictures when it is complete! B)

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