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Ford Focus 06 Heated Screen Drivers Side Failure Real Reason

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I've got a Fiesta ST 2007 and was hoping dougie's instructions would sort my windscreen issue too, however, I fell at step 7 when removing the plastic trim didn't expose the windscreen wiper bars. :o( I guess the Fiesta is too different. There was a big plate in the way, and I couldn't see the ribbon or wire, or connection. The plate looked way too complicated for me to start trying to remove. Has anyone successfully carried out this fix on a Fiesta ST??

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Unless a 2007 Fiesta ST has a totally different windscreen and wiring layout from the Mk6.5 Fiesta I had then you'll find the connections to a heated front windscreen on a Mk6 (or facelift Mk6.5) behind the plastic A-pillar trim panels inside the car. There's one connection each side located about halfway down the pillar.

If I remember correctly then the driver's side is the +12V feed and the passenger side has the earthing bolt. The rear washer pipe goes up the left hand (passenger) pillar and the radio aerial lead goes up the right hand (driver) pillar; can't remember which side the courtesy light wiring is though.


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Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm a 25yr old female, and based on the instructions given on this thread, I was able to complete this fix & now have a fully working heated windscreen in time for winter!

I was able to strip down the car correctly which took me about 5 mins.

I found that the ribbon connecting to the windscreen had been torn in 2 places by the constant battering from the wiper arm, which when I touched, fell away completely as it was barely even still attached! (Clear to see that's why my screen hasn't been working for a while!)

I then traced the cable to back to the plug and unplugged it.

I had to trim away the rest of the damaged ribbon which was still attached to the screen, which resulted in me having about 1cm of undamaged ribbon remaining to reattach the cable to!

I carefully peeled off the copper coloured film to expose the foil ribbon in order to reattach the cable.

I extended the cable following the instructions.

Now, this is where my fix differs slightly..

I attempted to solder the cable to the 1cm of remaining foil ribbon still attached to the screen..

This failed as it was just too fiddly to do.

I had some copper adhesive tape in the garage which was actually bought as a slug deterrent from a garden centre!!

I used this tape to literally stick the exposed end of the cable to the exposed foil ribbon.

I then used electrical tape to cover the join making sure none of the copper tape was showing!

I plugged the cable back in and rerouted it out of harms way, boiled a kettle & steamed up the car, turned on the heated windscreen, and it cleared almost instantly!

So anyone that is either rubbish with soldering or doesn't have much ribbon to play with, get yourself some copper tape from the garden centre!

I would imagine that as long as a connection is formed between the cable and the ribbon, then it doesn't matter how you connect it together so much.. You could probably use any suitable tape.. But I went with the copper in the hope it would assist in conducting the current!

It's worked for me!

Thanks for everyone's tips.

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Drivers side failed on mine last year, shortly after the screen got cracked. The fitter informed me it just hadn't been secured properly and was adamant if its clipped in correctly it will not fail.

Edit - Pretty sure the the new screen had longer cable and shorter ribbon too. That was made by Pilkington. Had a second screen in July made by NordGlass, same cable lengths as Pilkington one.

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Well done Louise, glad to see that you managed to get a benefit from the guide!

I know who to come knocking for when mine goes up the swanny ;)

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