Newbie Hunting For Mondeo's

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Hi all.

I've recently began a new job and have been looking at second cars to relieve the mileage from the car I've spent a lot of time and money setting up for weekend blasts and track day work.

I began looking for something, safe, reliable, good looking, economical, larger than the previous daily and... most importantly... fun.

I'm a car enthusiast through and through and so after a great deal of looking at Boring-Bora's, Awful-A3's, Lazy-Leon's, premium Peugeots etc. I started looking at the Mondeo TDCI Zetec S again.

However I have heard of a few issues regarding the 2.0 130 TDCI (2003-2005 models), of which is the engine I will be looking into for the daily.

What can I expect from mondeo ownership?

Common faults (injector issues £1.5k to fix?, rear wheel bearing noise, washer fluid in boot etc.)

Common charms (nice touches, surprise and delight features, luggage space etc.)

Performance in the real world (acceleration from a standstill, acceleration in 5th from 50mph, stopping power etc.)

MPG's to be expected from a keen petrol head (occasional B road blast, mpg runs, foot to the floor driving etc.)

I know it's probably alot to ask from a first post but cheers for any help :)

I'll stick around though seems a good enough forum. Used to run a mk4 fiesta and have done plenty of work on Galaxies, Mk5/6 fiesta's and focus' in the past. :)


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Welcome to the Forum,

if you get a moment join photobucket and upload some picture's of your motor when you purchase it,

you can then link the pictures to this forum,

once uploaded go to Album,

below or above each picture on photobucket is an Image URL

copy this URL and paste it in to your posts

once pasted in the post remove the


from either side of the link then its job done,

also check out DMB Graphics for badge overlays or Original Vintage decals Click Here

Hope this helps B)

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