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Deciding On New Alloys!


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I have finally decided to get rid of my horrible Wheel Trims and buy some Ford alloys for my car!

My experience and knowledge of cars and alloys is minimum so hoping that people on here can help me out a bit, (That is my car in my Picture).

The alloys I am looking for I want to be 17" ones but not sure if I can fit these to my car and if I can which ones to get.

My car is a 2002 Ford Focus CL 1.4 16V, (I know it is old but i hope to keep it for about 2 or 3 years hence why buying alloys)

I have been looking at such one's like the Ford Focus MP3 one's but these are rather expensive so I am hoping people on here can help me find ones that look stylish but not as expensive as these ones.

Many Thanks


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if you fit these rims to your car (they will fit) tyres need to be 215/40 or 215/45 as fitted to the st model.


To what alloys are those sizes for?? IF it is the MP3 I am now looking for ones that are a bit cheaper but still look good


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