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Battery Drain/llimmobiliser Ight Flashing ?

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i have a problem with the battery on my fusion 2003 1.4tdci.when left overnight the battery drains&i am unable to start the car.i dont know if this is a coincidence but the red immobiliser light with the car with the padlock going through it seems to be flashing all the time when the ignition os off where as i dont think it was flashing before.i have a key with the buttons on it but i have never used that key i always use the key without the button for central locking etc.any ideas ????

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[thanks for the reply,i think i will disconnect the battery tonight then see if the battery is flat tomorrow morning,if its flat i then know the battery is nakerd if it is still full of charge then i must have a power drain somewhere

quote name=Dan62' timestamp='1320073373' post='150697]

The red immobiliser light should be flashing so no concern there.

If you have a low maintenance battery check the cell fluid levels and topup with de-ionised water if necessary. The min /max marks should be on the side of the battery so you will need to remove or partially lift it from the battery box.

Its probably the battery not holding its charge rather than something draining it.

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Draining of the battery on my '03 1.4 tdi has become a total pain; have owned since new and it became a problem in '08 leading to AA assistance for the first of six times, the last being today! Five of those callouts have all been in Nov./Dec/Jan which suggests cold and damp effects of course, but no probs through last winter; car stands outside but not exposed. In '09 Ford Dealer who'd serviced since purchase had it back overnight to try to solve but no success. Going for months without a problem makes one forget and buying a 'booster' for those emergency occasions meant no great problems or urgency to ditch the thing. But now failed start 3wks ago and booster didn't do it.(AA sorted and replaced battery free as still under warranty and put in by previous AA chap!). Today AA again needed; again booster no use. So many permutations of where the problem is, means that no-one can pinpoint it. Is there a genius out there....coz, apart from bits of trim falling off it does what it says on the tin ...extremely well?!

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