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Ford Fiesta Mk6 Project

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Repair Work Day 7 & 8

ok not much building done but i got stevey over and we cleaned everything the past 2 days. it looks all new :)

also glued stuff that needed glue and reinforcing. still need to finish up the dash and glue down the part that the speedometer mounts in as i used weird glue that didnt hold. maybe tomorrow finish it off as i took forever waiting for glue to dry on the plan i made to reinforce the one part on the dash

I was thinking of sanding the dash down where i glued but i will check it out when its dry.









thats all for today :)

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Repair Work Day 9

Ok today i actually didnt do any work :P . i finally decided to do this topic post. it has been on my mind since i started and i just had to do it. so im doing it

i also managed to get another engine today along with some parts. i got the complete engine with no starter for R9000... the guy gave it to me for R9k as i was struggling for cash and iv been there almost everyday. i also got the bonnet lock, engine mounts, bracket for the clutch and accelerator, cable harness for engine bay and computer box and ABS pump. i only took pictures of the engine today will take pictures tomorrow of the other parts i got.

ok these are the photos. i also need help if anyone can assist. i have no idea what plugs into some of the cables (the one picture of the enlarged plug is ok, it was broken but i found a new clip) and the engine came loose during transport and the cover broke by the gear box but ill glue that :P

the engine looks so nice and clean and complete compared to my other one. cant wait to get it in... he he :)

but any info on the plugs would be great ( pictures even better if there are any)








thats it for today. will post more tomorrow :D

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Repair Work Day 10

Today was a slow day. so tired from the night before doing that post. had no thinking power left :(

cleaned some more stuff again :D also was cleaning something in the car when i noticed the floor was wet. dont know how but rain got in there. so i ended up taking all the carpeting out. it was soaked.

gonna have to let it dry in the morning. had to take the dash bar out again to get the heater box out. the carpet runs under it and behind it.

well thats all i really did for the night and then i was lights out :P

i didnt take any pics of the progress. totally forgot

here are the pics of the stuff i got a while ago. engine mounts, cable harness for engine bay, bonnet lock and some rubbers. and a gear lever cover :)






thats it :)

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YAY its friday!!

didnt do any work today. had alot of stuff packed away. sister came to visit so had to make some space for her.

i did manage to get a starter motor for R300 from the scrap yard which was a steal as the spare shops wanted R1500 for it.


will make some more progress tomorrow

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Repair Work Day 10

saturday today :)

put back the carpet and grey carpet stuff in the car and put back the dash again :)

this time i remembered the cables to go over the bar and the cable that goes under the driver side by that random hole. and i discovered 2 pieces that belong on the side of the dash :D

stuff i cleaned (some of it)










marked the screw packets to make life easier


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Repair Work Day 11

Cool got some work in this Sunday, not much but with the time I had I did what I could :D

Managed to get the girlfriend to help, just needed her to lie there to help out (she didn't know for how long) :P

I needed to glue down the plugs that go by the brake pedal to tell the brake lights to come on. I bought others but it was from the facelift model and out of all things on the car they changed the break plugs <_< I can still use them but the problem is that I don’t have the connection to plug into the facelift plug, I would make a plan and cut wires but I didn’t take the facelift's cable as I didn’t think I needed it. so I decided to glue the things down to the pedal with Pratley only problem I had is I put the dash back so not much working space and the brake pedal keeps pushing back so I can’t hold the pedal down and glue at the same time. So brainwave moment :P I got the girlfriend to lie there :) I got a pillow some bug spray and a jacket and made her comfy and started gluing it took a while but it think it worked. She was there for almost 40 minutes so I’m sure it dried. Will check tonight if the pedal didn’t push it back out. So that was a success.

While she was there I fitted the consol by the gear lever and hand break. Looks good :) Will try do more tonight :D

This would be the 40 minute position of pedal holding :P


these are the plugs i glued down



got the hand break and gear level consol in :D (very easy, just dont forget the plug for the power outlett)



that the girlfriend lying there :)



only got that one side thing in that goes under the dash that connects to the gear level consol, will put the other in tonight :)

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hey guys

sorry that there have been no new posts just got totally sidetracked with another car of mine.

but it looks like iv come right and should be getting back to work tomorrow night. will try round up the buddies to make up for lost time and progress :)

more posts tomorrow :D


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Repair Work Day 12

hey guys. i worked on the car yesterday a little just to analyse how to fix the seat so it can fold down once the stupid lock releases, and the big back seat has a seatbelt mechanism in it. and i dont have a tool to get it loose and the seat belt from the seat mounts to the body of the car but i dont have a tool to get that loose either. so i decided to keep it all attached and work on the seat on the outside of the car cause i know the seat belt can extend and just hang out the car. but for some reason the seat belt wont extend. as i try pull it locks. its locking like it does if you pull the seat belt really fast. but its doing it now even if you go really slowly. i dont know how to fix it yet. so i tried looking at the seat belt on the sides of the car for the backseat passangers. i pulled the one cover off to look inside and well didnt find much. just it had this spring you turn. !!NOTE!!! to anyone who takes the black covers off the side of the seat belt real, there are these black plastic pins you push out. there are 3 of them. pop them out then remove the plastic cover that has the spring it. when it gets removed the spring unwinds itself so if you just put it back it wont work and the seat belt doesnt pull back in if you pull it out. you have to wind it up and then try put it back in. i tried to rotate that plastic thing on the seat belt reel till i think i had enough tension then glued it down since i broke the plastic things by forcing it off with a screw driver :( well didnt do much else as that took so long to get right and it was so late. so today ill try hit some good progress and tomorrow ill try get that motor in or atleast get some pipes in the engine in their original locations :) will post pics of last night when i get home.

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here are the pics

Thursday was hot i must say. this glue stick was left in the tool box in the car and it melted on the tools :)



Got the these side pieces on easy. just the clips were a mission to get off but we discovered that if you make them go up and down while pulling the come out easier :)





and the other floor side pieces we got on aswell




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struggled to get the side pieces by the dash to line up






My attempt to keep the rain out :D


my seat belt encounter :)



this seat belt locks instantly


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Repair Work Day 13

Ok today i was supposed to try put the engine in but i was blocked by all the rubbish in the garage and it was too hot to move everything.


so i just finished off the interior today.

Worse thing today..... i noticed the below on the couch :(


yip the air duct pipes. they mount on the dash bar.... so that means dash out again :(

well i went ahead and took the dash out. wasnt too bad, went fairly quickly. also glued the passenger airbag cover while i was at it and put the piece i found of the driver air bag.

bonus!!! i found out where a random grey piece of plastic goes!!!. it goes on the sides of the dash before you mount the black side pieces. so now it doesnt have a gap :D ok the other side i couldnt find so ill have to hit the scrap yard :)




tried to put back what i can. also attempted the back seat. tried to see what was wrong on the seat belt. managed to get it out and open it up nicely this time. the spring looked ok but the other side had this piece of plastic in it that helped make the seat belt lock. i couldt find out how it works so i left it out and the seat belt was fine again and it still locked when you tugged really hard. i kinda lost the piece that you pull down to make the seat fold down so i just left it off. will have to hit the scrap yard for that too :)


oh and the girlfriends 40min brake peddle pushing paid off. the glue held :)


i noticed the radio was skew when it was mounted and the dash cover went over it so while i had it out today i noticed the metal around the radio was bent so i gave it a straighten and it worked so now the radio looks alot straighter :)


well that was it for the day. couldnt put the front seats in cause the bar is still bent and i tried my best to straighten it but it turned out crooked. so i must get one from the scrap yard.



looks nice so far. cant wait till the engine is in :)

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oh and my window attempt failed so i spent friday taping it down nicely. hope it holds this time :D just worried the brown tape leaves ugly marks :(


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Repair Work Day 14

Yay its monday night. well tonight was just a case of fitting the last of the interior.

first went to a friends house after work to beat the bar that goes under the seat. it went ok. turned out not too bad. just had to try twist one of the end pieces when i got home as it was twisted skew.

fitted the bar when i got home. it worked well. didnt battle to get it in. everything seemed to line up ok. so i bolted it down and added all the chairs plastics and screws and arms.

gave both seats a vacuum, the dogs hair was all over them. i then fitted them in the car :) they went in well. just had to align to drivers one up a second time as it looked skew :)

i also managed to get free from the scrap yard... the ashtray cup and the side piece for the dash board to make it fit flush :D. i got rid of the old paint on the ash tray and resprayed it :) it looked new:) and fitted the side piece. looks so much better. i tried working on the back seat. it took up so much time and i tried rebuilding the one hole for the seat clip and it ended up breaking :( so iv just left it. the guy from the scrap yard wants R1000 for all the seats so i was thinking at a later stage get the seats and take the missing parts i need :)

i manged to put the driver door panel back.

for the interior i still need what looks like a light for the glove box

a cover for the screw buy the handle that opens the driver door

the lever to fold down the back seat.

airbags and covers

floor mats


screws for passenger door handle

screw for passenger door unlock handle

the bar being beaten :)


drivers seat with the bar




i got my car a car cover to assist with the rain :D


thats the seats in






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i looked in the glove box. there seems to be a place for something.. is it the light?? if anyone can post a picture that would be great :D


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Repair Work Day 15

ok yesterday was epic fail. got a friend over so we could tackle the engine. i started moving the stuff out of the garage before he came and i decided to get the ford ready to push to the garage... ran into a problem. step dad pulled his bakkie in when he went to action cricket and took the keys so i couldnt move the thing. so we sat staring at the walls the whole night. ok we manage to put the passengers door panel on.

well today i managed to organise a engine crane. first we cleared out the garage again :D the engine strapped up and moved it around then brought the car in. i tried seeing where stuff attaches and bolt down the engine mounts but i ran out of bolts and nuts :( so that was alot of work for no car work. im gonna have to hit the scrap yard for some parts (bolts and nuts) least the car is in the garage so it will be easy to work on.


my sister had to do the steering :) had to pull loose the plastic so she could see :)





tried to get the engine strapped up with ratchet straps but it didnt work



had to clear stuff out


rotated the engine around




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thats the car ready to be pushed in



its new home


trying to see where things go






and that was the day

please post or pm or email me if you have any engine bay with or with out the engines in :) thanks

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Repair Work Day 16

Sunday today.. didnt do anything on saturday was looking around for other fiesta's. found 7 but like totally empty. only 1 had the gearbox mount and nuts. it cost me R225 and he gave the nuts for free.

so i attempted to get the engine in today. it went pretty well. managed to get it in. wasnt too hard(well i think). just had to put my back into it to tilt the engine to the rear gearbox mount and try put the bolts in it. well that was the engine work. next i tried to fit the panels... well that was a mission on its own. something got bent in the accident. i think it was the arm by the battery box or the panel where the fender fits too. noticed the cradle doesnt line up either. its like way out. the bumper stiffener was okish. the right 4 bolts fitted fine and the 2 bolts of the bottom left but the left top 2 bolts were out. i got the high lift jack and used that to straighten it out a bit and bolt it down. hope the chassis is not affected :( well that all kinda took alot of time so ill call it a night :D

the rear gearbox mounts




top engine mount


gearbox mount


battery box plate doesnt align at all :(


the minor damage to the left bumper stiffener arm


the right arm




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i think the dent in the left side threw it out


i put the gearbox cables in :) got my sister to change gear so i could see them move :D


my attempt at the right fender


i have no idea why i took this picture :D


right fender out of line




cradle not lining up




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my dogs came to check up on me (actually lightning struck and they came to hide) :D


i think these sides are bent a bit



thats it for the day


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Nice work , won't be long before you turning key to start it.

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i know :D its so exciting. im just worried it wont start because i have the key and the steering arm with the key electronic thing from the old engine but i have a new engine and computer box. so im not sure it will turn on :) will have to wait and see

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