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Ford Fiesta Mk6 Project

Recommended Posts

i would say 'good effort' but i think that'd be an understatement and a half!

very well done so far, my mind wouldnt even be able to comprehend where to begin with something like this on such a scale! :rolleyes: cant wait to see the end result.

p.s. awesome dogs B)

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thanks for all the posts guys :D

ya they are nice dogs. dam pricey but amazing pets. they make you feel rich here :P

just the one drools alot so to love her is really disgusting but suppose you gotta look past it :lol:

the other is such a pansy. runs for anything :D

cant wait to get this car running. have another surprise to add but dont know if is should post it yet or wait till its in progress :D

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Repair Work Day 17

ok monday... had stevey visit at work and we shot to the scrap yard to go investigate if we could get the gearbox fitting off that left arm and see where things line up.

turns out or plate is like way off. i think that we would need that other fitting and not even try panel beat the one we have. we just left with the plate that the battery box fits onto as it was straighter than ours. and we got some other small parts. so looking at our plate it was a case of how do we get the dam thing off.... too google!!! so we checked up on spot welds and found out with the right spot weld bit you can remove them from the car quiet nicely but we only had a steel drill bit and that means holes right through :D

so we did it.. drilled all the spot welds out. it was going good when the drill bit broke on the last one!!! im glad stevey didnt get hurt. the bit shattered into 4 pieces. could only find 2. so we had to pry the plate off. ok with that done.. well that was it for the engine bay :)

i decided to put that piece in the back seat so it can fold down. wow what a mission. had to take the whole seat out and remove the upholstery so i could see and feel where to put the pin into the lever. it too a good 20 min. loads of patience required.

well that was it for the night :)

the plate we found


it fits nice too :)


stevey drilling out the spot welds




this piece looking skew


our plate not lining up at all.



drill bit snapped soon after this


plate off :D


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just needs some sanding and a can of spray paint :D


the inside seats. i finally know what those clips on the stringy things on the seats are for. you clip them in the seat belts so they stand up and the metal seat belt part that pulls in and out (that clip) they go the sides of the car by the windows in those slits. :D



till next time B)

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Repair Work Day 18

Wednesday today. (took a break on tuesday as it was raining hard)

so i was looking around the car trying to fit the fenders. was lining them up and bending metal and straightening parts (most work was on the right fender but the gearbox bracket side)

i struggled to get stuff to fit smoothly but i suppose after an accident it wont be the same :D it has battle scars :D

so i half-!Removed!'d put the fenders and asked my sisters boyfriend to come help with the bonnet. when he arrived he looked at the situation and reckoned that this it he cant take this anymore.. we putting all the pieces on tonight and they are gonna fit. so with his brute strength all the panels fitted weather they wanted too or not. they werent really that far out when i tool at them. just the to parts where the bonnet clips screw in were out of line alot. the rest not that bad. i also found out the cradle was 1.5cm longer on either side of the top joins.

so after all fitted it didnt look that bad. we took the engine out to straighten some stuff so that will be fun putting it back. will have to take the cradle off again.

bonnet went on nice too. we could line it up either side to look flush :D just need the head lights to get an accurate result :D its coming together slowly:) just need that gearbox connector for the arm that we drilled out and we can progress further :D so here is what we did :)

left fender


place for left light


the engine out again :) (its becoming like the dash board... in....out ...in...out)


the front


right fender lining with door



front again


my dogs :D


right light


left bonnet hinge


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right bonnet hinge


we put the piece that holds the bonnet up from the other damaged fender


left bumper lining up


left cradle lining


fender picture :)


right cradle lining


right bumper lining up.. .well not to my liking and i think i can work with it.


bonnet lock is in :D


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fenders lining up with doors. might need some slight work but it will do for now :D



and empty engine bay



well thats it for now :D

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sorry for no new posts. ran dry on cash but made a plan to get the arm with that gearbox plate. will have it tomorrow night and hopefully get that bad boy on :D he he its killing me that i cant work on the car :) just had to make a plan :D

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Repair Work Day 19

Hey guys. gees its been so long since i was last posting. car projects are a little heavy on the pocket when you have a low budget but wost of all finding parts that alot of other people are after and most of the time have gotten to the cars before you :( . but i have succeded slowly.

my newest car mod/fix was replacing the whole bracket for the gearbox to mount too.

i found one at the scrap yard. i had to get them to cut the whole arm off for me. they didnt want to risk bending it if they had to remove the spot welds so they said ill have to take it off the arm. so i was ok with that since we took the old one off :) (well by the time the old one was off there was no chance getting it back on again he he).

just took pics of the car before i had to take the front off again :) really getting the hang of it just i keep forgetting where i put the bolts or screws then i make a plan and then find the orginal ones somehow! lol

car with some front bits on :)


another one:)


ok so here i go. mission to get the bracket off in the cleanest way with the most minimal bending possible.


drilled some marking locations. tried to not go off centre but drills really have a mind of their own and i kinda didnt do a pilot hole :D


Took my time. didnt want a hot drill bit and a burnt out drill. this metal is tough i must say


All going well so far :) just taking it slow :)



ok going great so far. drill surviving. drill bit hanging in there :) making good progress


Ok calling it a night. need to go like a tad more and its off but this poor drill is so hot i cant even hold it. im totally surprised it hasnt melted yet. Well done little drill!


ok so i drilled with an 8mm to start things off then took it to a 10mm cause it wasnt coming off the arm easy. but ill finish it off tomorrow while the drill takes the night off. here are the pics below so far.




ill keep you guys posted:)

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Repair Work Day 20

ok took the bracket too work and finished it off there. was at it like max 10min and it fell off the arm :) so that was some good news for the day :)

ok didnt work on the car when i got home but the next day my step dad offered to weld the bracket on so i said sure lets do it.

get the welder setup and found some rods and we were off. i wasnt there too help cause the welder kept tripping the power so i was inside waiting for that garage circuit breaker to trip then i flicked it back up wich was like every 15 to 30 seconds. it was killing him thou cause he would get some nice strikes and then the power would trip and he would have to stop and start over. but it turned out good :) im happy with it :)

the finished product ( sorry no early pics, forgot to take camera too work and the welding happened so quick so i went with it then only got camera afterwards)




good old faithful welder still going :) heavy !Removed! thing thou!!


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sorry for this random post but it tried editing the previous one and it ended up becoming a new post (think cause i didnt see anything happening i clicked back) :)

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Repair Work Day 21

ok so i took the day off to work on the car. wanted to put the engine back and all the small bits and pieces. bonus the guy next door has a black 1.4 fiesta so i used his to see where stuff goes :)

ok so i got started on the motor. had a minor issue getting it in cause the plate that was welded on was like 5mm out so it gave me issues when i tried putting the gearbox back. couldnt get the holes to line up so i used the wrecking bar and pushed the engine over a tiny bit and it slid into the holes. i tightend it up and all was good to go. fitted the water bottles and pipes. just missing the water jets for the bonnet. had an issues fitting the break booster and bottle. it went on smooth but is leaning in the Wiper Blades plate, it seems ok there but a mission to get the cap off when a refile is needed. fited the grill by the windscreen. the windscreen wipers plate and mechanism was fitted before i did the brake fluid bottle. started fitting all the pipes in. i had such a lol moment!!! i was trying to fit the pipes into the heater box and they refused to go in. i asked for help and googled it and looked at the ford manual but no luck. so i just left it. much later that night i realised the pipes i was fitting had the ends that plug onto the heater box and the same ends were already on the heater box (facepalm) so i removed the heater box ones and these just slid on :) cant believe i didnt see that :). i also went and got new CV joints (outers) and those clamps that you use on a water pipe that you tighten with a screw driver (got plenty of those) got water pipes too and found a part at the scrap yard that goes from the break booster to the engine. (lucky find). i also put the cable harness and batterybox and battery box plate. wow i struggled with the cable under the battery box. didnt know how to fit it in. but finally figured it out and plugged all the cables in their holes. all went in well :) also noticed the plate under the battery box didnt fit too well. maybe cause of the bend damage. But im not too worried as all the main bolts under the battery box are fastend tight. so it doesnt move anywhere. fitted the starter motor aswell. just short one bolt that i cant seem to find. so ill have to go find a matching one. had to use another water pipe from the one i bought as the one i bought didnt fit over the plastic piece. think thats about it for the day. I just have to fix the power steering pipe that is bent. dont wanna drive the car with it off.

engine back in with some small stuff put back


the water bottle


plastic grill by wind screen put back


the break fluid bottle touching the plate


the gearbox mount back on


the starter fitted


still have the bent power steering pipe


fitted the plate under the battery box. you have to use 1 bolt then put the box then tighten the box and plate down with the rest of the bolts.


engine at a glance


tried to figure out where all the cables go


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found out how that clip under the battery box goes



left the radiator fan plug where i can get to it :)


all the cable like had a path way to follow. if you went another way the cables dont reach :) made life easier to see where cables conenct


stuff plugged in at a glance


water pipes


the water pipe i had to replace as it almost looked the same but didnt fit at all. even the hot water trick didnt work.


plug clip for the exhaust. saw you can mount it down onto the engine. has its own bracket


the water pipes i struggled with that i finally fitted :)



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the cable from the thing next to the break booster back to the engine



ok thats it :) also had the dog chasing a mouse towards the end of the night :)



thats all for today :D

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Repair Work Day 22

Decided today to fit the front of the car (or that was the plan). got the new radiator fan i ordered. i fitted that to the cradle with the radiators which fitted nice. mounted the bumper stiffner then mounted the cradle to it. fitted the water pipes and aircon pipes. they fitted of. even with the slight bends. they all went on. tried one light just to see. might need to adjust panels a little bit. bit it didnt fit too bad as is :)

the front back on (with out lights and bumper)



aircon pipes fitted back to aircon radiator



radiator fan on and water pipes connected


loaned a battery from a 2005/2007 bantan to see if it fitted and if anything would blow up when i conencted the terminals. found out i need a 618/619 battery to fit in the box.


bonnet down :)


one light fitted :)


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today i wanted to change the central locking box and the ring around where the key plugs into the ignition that registers the chip on the key. so i pushed the car out side to open the door wide so i could get in. wall went smooth and i plugged everything in with out removing the whole dash board. i then decided to get the bantams battery again and try start the car. i ran into a problem. there is a red light on the dash that has a lock on it and it keeps flashing. i had a program called auto data and looked into it to see if i can find answers. it said something about keys being changed and the immobiliser has kicked in. it said i must get 2 programmable keys. insert the one 2 poistion 2 then then turn off take it out. then put the second one in and turn it to poisition 2 and turn off and take it out and apparently then the programing has started and you have 20 seconds to insert the 1st key till max of 8 keys to program them. they must all be turned to position 2 then taken out. i tried that with just 1 key since i dont have a spare and it didnt work. Does any one maybe have some helping answers as how i can get around this encounter :(

please all help would be great :)

car in the sun :) it hasnt seen it for a long while


the engine bay


side shot with the door open


red light on the dash baord


radio asking for key code :)


light flashes fast on dashboard lights



thanks to all for reading:) cant wait to start the engine:)

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Wow its been so long since i was last here. had no progress yet with the car:( money has been tight. hope next month i can have things up and running. so far still needing to fit CV joints and get aircon pipes repaired and power steering pipes repaired. spoke to my local ford dealer and they will charge about R380ex vat an hour for resetting the cars electronics. which is cheaper than me trying to get the cable and do it myself.

will post some updates when i have new ones:)

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Still following you on this with loads of interest , you are a star and what you have acheived so far is fantastic , i also have my fingers crossed for the start day , keep up the good work and the very interesting Posts :)

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It's been several months now! I need to see you driving this thing :D

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Is the engine you have a 1.6 as i saw 1.6 stamped under the starter motor next to the gearbox.

how come there wasnt any mileage displayed has it been deleted

Cars look so complicated these days. i dont think i could cope with all that.

will you be replacing the airbags


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hey hey all.

dam its been so long since iv been back here. sorry that no updates have been done. car has been in the same state as last posts. just busy with the car papers and should be done soon. gonna then take it to ford to get it started.

@ pLUSpISTOL it is almost there. cant wait to get it going either. it kills me seeing it standing there doing nothing!!

@ james_06 ya the engine is a 1.6. got it complete from another fiesta. i actually dont know why it shows no data. maybe the imobiliser kicked in. cause it has a big red lock on the dash board. so after its been to ford i will see. ya i will replace the airbags when i get some at a good price. those holes look nasty. ill try get covers for now to close the holes.

ill let you guys all know soon how it goes. might do more this weekend will take loads of pictures too :D


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Repair Work Day 23

Last weekend i decided to put the front together and get the car ready to go to ford :) so i got it out of the garage and into some sunlight :) forgot to get some before shots but got the after shots below:

started with the bumper 1st:


i just tied it down with cable ties as i still want to get the bumper painted when it comes back from ford:


and i still gotta put the fender screws back just dont know how yet


also popped in the left and right flood light covers but not the lights yet as im still looking for globes currently



Now the lights :) Problem is they kinda didnt fit too well: the left one i got to line up ok ish with the screws


This light i couldnt at all get the screws to line up. i think it was from when i made the cradle fit on the body. cant loosen it thou otherwise i gotta make new holes which might not be a bad idea:


the aligning was a bit hard. but i didnt do too bad but wish i did better :( the gaps bug me :( this light isnt too bad with the gaps.


this one was way harder. the fender is scratching the light way too much making it fit so i might have to make some adjustments


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the left aligning has a smallish gap but would like to try get it to be smaller


the right light really has a nice big gap.


got the bonnet down to see if it looked better. might need to adjust the bonnet a little to make it look ok



It didnt look too bad. but ya still some work to be done





Had to put the grill in to see :P but then it hit me i need a ford badge :( all the places iv been there fronts are gone and no badges:(


So close :) ok now gotta get that windscreen on :) its getting so close :D

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Have to say the new image loader is pretty schweet :P like click add image and paste link and done :P ... Big thumbs up to FOC!!!! B)

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Repair Work Day 24

Woohoo today the ford gets a windscreen. Took a morning shot before it arrived and then an aftershot. problem is, it wouldnt stop raining so i never got to take the cover off. so i havnt even seen the windscreen yet :( hope they did a good job.

ok here is the car before the new windscreen :D (light is missing as i took it with to ford as a sample, needed the globe holders for the flickers. lol though they were for the brights or something but ford showed me a pic and said nope they are flickers alright. so they nailed me R480 for the 2 globe holders. sadly no spare shops or the scrap yards had so i had to do it :( )


and this is the only shot i got when i got home as it just kept raining :(


you can see the windscreen as the ice is not making the car cover sag in. so i know for sure it has one :)

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