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Ford Focus Front Wheel Movement

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I have a 2003 focus tdci ghia facelift.

The front driverside wheel has some play in it when up on the axel stands.

At first wheel bearing i thought...but only moves from left to right ..no other direction. there is no groaning from either side as I would suspect...and have tried full locks ...figures of 8 etc.

Any ideas???

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Track Control Arm Bushes maybe. If there is that much play you must feel it when driving. How is the tyre wear?

tyre wear is even..had retracked as some plank before me had it lowered about 40mm on substandard springs that were basically doing nothing and it was cambering inwards a massive ammount...front tires not changed long ago.

my drivers side hose(the same wheel)needed replacing as inner walll collapsed...i only noticed it then as when getting upto 50-60 it shook as the pad was rubbing on the disc thus making the wheel shake as you can imagine...other than then you cant feel it in the drive...and then only did it for first 5 miles until the pad had worn againt the disc until it wasnt catching any more.

but yes i did suspect track rod end as an option.

how will I be able to tell myself when jacked up....will it have movement by hand that shouldnt be there...sorry if i sound thick.

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