The Only Car Ever Refused By We-Buy-Any-Car.com...

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There's loads of Q&As down at the bottom of the ad...

Q: Hi there. Could I ask you if there is any history to speak of? Many thanks, HH

A: Yes, history shows that the car is so unreliable that it was once used in a push by shooting.


A: One careful owner. And then thirty-seven lunatics. So 38 in all.

Q: Ha. I'll give you 50p for the air in the tyres!

A: Sorry, I'm afraid I have to have the air back in the head of Amy Childs by the end of the week.

Q: What's the overall condition?

A: I've never worn an overall

Q: hiya mate, does the car have any record of being on the register?

A: Yes, it is on the s*x offenders register for rear-ending a Renault Clio.

Q: You're funny. Do you come with the car?

A: Only when driving over cobbles.

Q: hi. is there any mechanical issues that i should know about. cheers, mate

A: Just one: when it reaches 30mph it does tend to explode dramatically into flames. This usually only lasts until the body has been completely burnt down to the chassis or until you lose control and fatally crash - whichever happens first. For this reason, it has been rebodied several times. This is also the reason why the V5 currently shows 38 owners... twenty-eight of which are dead. Of the other 10 - six are in prison, three are in psychiatric units, and one is currently now living as a woman. His name is Derek.


A: Well, as I'm sat down, in a way you could say I am...

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